Opinions. What color deep dish Bullitts for a Bright Blue '95 w/grey interior?

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  1. Anthracite or black?
  2. Between those two choices go with Anthracites.
  3. I concur. The black bullits would be shallow and pedantic. Yes, indeed.
  4. Anthracite would look okay. That, or silver or chrome. Black doesn't go too well with that color IMO.
  5. I kinda like blue with black wheels, but i am kinda bias, lol.... its all in the eye of the beholder.

    Deep dish FR500's

  6. i dont think black wheels look good on anything to rice...go with chrome or something
  7. Not true.....I think black wheels look killer on black cars.
  8. i agree if its bullits...they got the brushed lips to make the transition look alright..
  9. anthracite, i say
  10. I like black cars with black wheels, but I almost wonder if it's just a trend. Once you see rappers on Cribs and Unique Whips putting black rims on their cars, you know the trend has to die soon. My car is getting chrome wheels when it becomes time.
    Anyone remember the black GTS headlight covers?

    I vote for Anthracite on a Blue car.
  11. lol yeah im sporting a pair of lund headlight covers lol my headlights were Orange!!!!! just got some clear ones so i guess its time to ditch the covers
  12. yes black Ford designed wheels on a Ford car are rice...

    To call black wheels in general "rice" is kinda being narrow minded...

    To the original poster... get what you want, its your car.