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  1. Okay, I've heard more than plenty from certain leg-humpers around here (and one Fuzzy Dude that's even older than me!) that I'm some kind of old fart. But I have to tell you that even I am in total disbelief over this one.

    You all know (or at least know of) my eldest daughter 1/2No Kitten; and that she has spent a lot of her life making bigger footprints wherever her father has gone. I have yet another daughter (Jessie doesn't get on here) who has had this young 'gentleman' sniffing around her for the last couple of years (since 7th grade). He even took her to the HS District's "Winter Formal" even though they now go to different High Schools. Here's the scarey part:
    Jessie came out here to the dining room (computer room) with the phone plastered to her ear and screaming in this high squeakey voice. Seems the boy (we'll call him Arnold, 'cause, well, that's close to his name) had never heard of AC/DC! Now, that doesn't bother me so much, because AC/DC has never been one of my favorite groups. BUT, it turns out he's also never heard of BTO, CCR, the Eagles, Queen, Pink Floyd or Lynrd Skynrd! :eek: He's heard of Johnny Cash, but not Kris Kristofferson or Willie Nelson. :eek: I didn't even try asking him about the Doobie Brothers or Alice Cooper. :nonono:

    Now I realize that he's a (member of a religion that I won't mention out of courtesy, but it's based in a state just north of Arizona) ; but OMG, how can the son of people my own age - and his father is former Army - not have any clue of these American icons?????? :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

    EDIT: Not even the Allman Brothers :nonono:
  2. kids these days are mostly blasting rap or guys screaming their heads off. theres not many young'uns that still listen to that "ole time rockin roll"

    does bob seger fall in that catagory haha. i was brought up on this stuff, thats why at 17, 70% of my collection is classic rock.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, not only have I heard of every single band/artist you mentioned, almost all of them are among my favorites (I don't dislike AC/DC, BTO, or Queen, just not my favs).

    Dad & I fight over CD's all the time (fight as in "Did you take my CD's again?" not "Turn that crap off!").

    I have to admit, I didn't used to like pretty much all country music, but lately I've been paying more attention to it when he plays it and I've realized that some of the older stuff (Cash, David Allan Coe, Willie, Chris, etc) is really, really good. And I've started checking out some country CD's from the library and expanding my horizions.

  4. I'm with ol' coby, it's these kids today don't know what real music is. I was brought up a good eclectic mix of rock, jazz, country, classical and gospel. When I was a young child, my dad played all the local bars doing a one man country gig.

    Mind you, I'm not a country guy by any means, and the closest I get to country music is lynyrd skynyrd.

    In middle school, I was brought up on Nirvana, early Silverchair, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Bob Seger, Ritchie Valens, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, AC/DC, the Eagles...you name it!

    But the crap kids (including guys I work with!) listen to these days...it makes me want to vomit most of the time. I'm okay with screaming metal. But rap and country these days, sucks!

  5. and btw, you are old.
  6. A couple of supervisors at work are one year older than my son. I find it funny that they come to work looking like youngsters with the baggy pants and/or looking like a pimp. I'm not kidding, one supervisor had to go to a staff meeting with the higher up managers and he was dressed like a pimp on Hollywood Bl. on a Saturday night. My son plays in a heavy metal band, but he's the youngest at 27. No, they don't play the wanna be metal three chord stuff of today. I started him out on surfing music!
  7. cobain03: I didn't even think to mention "The Silver Bullet Band"....or Ted Nugent, for that matter.

    sky, two thoughts: First "g*dd**n whippersnapper! :fuss:
    Second; I'll probably cause you to :rolleyes: when I tell you to go get Big & Rich's " Rollin' " CD :p If you want eclectic, that's about as eclectic as you can get! Finally figured out that a friend of mine can do John Rich's "Irish tenor" (like I could do.... once ....a looo-o-ong time ago), and my voice is just about stuck in the same range as Big Kenny's. So far we've worked up pretty good renditions of "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and "Why Does Everybody Want to Kick my A$$?"; and we're putting the final touches on "Holy Water". You could also spend some time on Montgomery Gentry :nice:

    Chelle: I figured you out a long time ago; mostly 'cause you're pretty much a slightly older version of 1/2NK. Speaking of which; when she asked me to send her CD collection to San Antonio, she got mostly copies! - Dad wanted his originals back! That included the ZZTop stuff. EDIT: And Chris' "Little Long-Haired Outlaw" is my personal theme song.

    2ndmustang: What can I say? The young ones think they own the world. The older, wiser, more experienced guys (pay attention here, skywalker) have figured out that there are some things prudent people don't do - including being phone company first-levels! Therefore, guys like you and me regularly end up with "mere babies" over us; they're not bright enough to stay out of that position.
  8. Who is Kris Nelson? or Willie Kristoferson? or Pink Skynard,or Lynard Floyd????Never heard of them?????? :shrug:

    Just kidding,some kids think this rap crap is gonna be around for ever.Too bad these rap stars will all end up killing each other,which is fine by me. :flag:
  9. Where dad works, they're allowed to listen to CD's so everyone always brings them in. Dad is always the one that brings in the most eclectic mix. He'll bring in some Hank Williams Sr., Susan Tedeschi, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Buddy Holly, and Deep Purple all in the same day.

  10. Oh, and on the other end of the spectrum, in the community band I play in we got an arrangement of Oye Como Va (sacralige, I know :nonono: ) and the other bass clarinet player (in her later 40's) didn't know who Santana is.

    Of course during one of the rehearsals, our drummer stopped everything ranting that it was crime that the younger drummer (high school aged) had never heard the song before.

  11. Actually, if your community band has "on deck" a good organist and a guitar player with soul, that could be a very good arrangement :nice: The guitar licks in "Oye Como Va" aren't all that technically difficult (most of Carlos Santana's stuff isn't); but it just won't come out right if you can't make your axe cry! (Wow, I almost slipped a little David Allan Coe into a discussion about Santana :crazy: )

    Same for the younger drummer. "Solo" instrumentalists have to feel those songs, or they just don't work. It's the same all over.... Glen Frye's licks in the ending of Hotel California are so simple even I could play them after a week or two of practice (I haven't played more than rythm for over 20 years); but you can listen and tell he was living that song as he played! Try to get that out of some of today's bands.

    I keep drifting back to the Eagles, but they were my "heros" at one time. 7-8 years ago, I had an hour-long conversation on Ham Radio with a geeky-sounding guy named Joe who's "call" (license number) was WB6ACU. It was interesting for a while, but I was getting bored near the end. I don't think I would have been so bored if I had known going in that he's the guy who just about peeled the strings off his guitar in Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane, the concert versions of Already Gone, All Night Long, etc; nor that he had written "Pretty Maids All In A Row". Wasn't 'til a day or so later that I looked him up in a Ham license directory and found out that Joe's last name was Walsh :doh:
    And yeah, it's the same guy :bang: :bang: :bang:
  12. Okay, I'm 32 and know every band you mentioned in your first post with the exception of one. For that reason, I'm sure I'm just experiencing brain flatulence, but who is BTO? Its just not coming to me at the moment.
  13. Bachman Turner Overdrive.

  14. Well, you are an old fart.

    But, I DO listen to good music.

    I ONLY listent to classic rock when I am in my Mustang. There is nothing else allowed. Guns N Roses -Appetite- is the "latest" rock allowed.

    I think it is a little sad that kids don't understand any music history.

    Black kids barely know RUN D.M.C., much less Howlin Wolf, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, etc.

    Many of my friends wouldn't know a Stones song if it came on the radio, not even the hits.

    I am 24.
  15. Very interesting thread here. I have to admit that I have an eclectic taste in music as well. I too am a young 32, and have heard and enjoy listening too all the bands mentioned in the first post and own CDs by many of them. My taste range from the classic Rock of Zepplin the Who, Queen and so on all the way up to new stuff like Kid Rock. I like some of the new rock because some of the bands are starting to come back around to more of the classic sound. I also listen to a lot of country lately because it seems a number of the artists are going to a southern rock sound a la Big n Rich, Montgomery Gentry and Trick Pony. And CMT is the only music TV station that plays decent videos. Most of the CDs I buy these days are compilations, a few of the NOW CDs, Greatest Hits, 70's Rock Power Ballads, and a few soundtracks.

    When I get a stereo back in the 72 Mustang, it will be all classic rock all the time, it's the only way to roll in a classic stang.
  16. It's fun being an "Old Fart"!! Fortunately, Deanna knows my music, though only likes some of it. The kids here at work like metallica and that #@%#@^%$*$&# Rap Crap, so when I get control of the music, they generaly whine and complain about my old music!

    BTW, you forgot:
    The Outlaws,
    Marshall Tucker
    The Guess Who
    The Kinks

    ALLMANS #1
  17. hey jsut wanted to shead some light since im only 15 but hey i agree with you kids these days huh listen to all this rap crap.. yeah when i got my stang everyone at my high school wants to race my with there RICER.. i mean come on they accually think they will beat me in a stop light drag i laugh at them all the time. i dont see a high school honda killing me but anyways.....i get this all the time i will be at lunch and some ricer will walk up to me and say so you going to pimp your car out with a system and some neon glow.. im like nope and i will blurt out all kinds of mods that they have never heard of then they ask of course what about the cold air intake that will add you about 50 horse...lol then of course how can it be cold air when its under the hood lol... i think ram air is a tad better....
    ps.. i listen to the classics and thats all i will listen to when working on my car because i dont think my car would like me after i play some rap to it.. lol rap sucks
  18. oh yeah forgot to tell you guys i think we should start a thread named RICER KILLS
  19. STD, does Elvis, Chicago, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash count me in the "old fart music club"??? :D
  20. Yes, it does. Congratulations!

    jes72mustang: Thank you on all counts. And BTW; Trick Pony = Heidi = :drool: That girl reminds me of the avatar Chelle is using these days. Saw them in a small benefit concert here in Yuma 2 years ago. Gee, I'm :drool: for some reason; Mrs StDr is laughing at me; the female children are :mad: at me. :shrug: ; my son Matt (age 7 back then) is right in front of the stage, talkin' to her on the break :nice: