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  1. Hear hear!!!!
  2. You guys ever hear of bluesman Long John Baldry?
  3. He was also his uncle.
  4. Long John Baldry

    Only if you want to be the King of Rock and Roll............... :lol:
  5. Yeah, he just died here in Vancouver of a resparitory infection the other day. He was only like 64 or younger I believe.
  6. I definately agree with that. Im only 16, and ive heard of about 1/2 to 3/4 of the bands mentioned above. I havent really grown up around older rock though so I dont know a lot about much of it, nor do i like it a whole lot, because like i said, I havent been around it. I also think Slash from GNR is ONE of the best guitarists ever, and he is still playing, now with velvet revolver. If you havent heard of Guns N' Roses its definately a band to look into.
  7. Actually, ive heard of them before.
  8. No, the tear came later. Mostly 'cuz my mom (the WWotW) was there too.

  9. No Offense Intended....

    Was at a JC meeting last night..... still feeling the effects of the last 20 months down there. Therefore please don't be offended if I modify your acronym to read "the WBotW" :rolleyes:

  10. no problem. I know how it goes.


    Slash and most of the band are now in Velvet Revolver minus one egotistical Axel Rose. New lead singer is Scott Wyland(sp) formerly of Stone temple Pilots, Great sound, blends the Classic G&R sounds with the STP sound. Check out the album contriband if you haven't already.
  12. Have already. It's awesome. My favorite song on it is slither. Has a great solo by Slash in it.
  13. No, no, no, :nono: :nono: :nono: No G&R on this thread, it's for OLD music!!!!!!
  14. Dude...GnR is old. They just seem young because you're incredibly old and they are just old.
  15. Favorite band is Journey. The should say enough that I listent to what you so called oldies listen to. My dad taught me right. lol

    And Im only 18... well 19 in 2 weeks.
  16. I actually liked Axel's singing. He was trained by a classical vocal teacher to reach those high notes. I heard he has blown out his vocal chords.
  17. He had great vocals. All around i thought it was an incredible group, but all there egos got in the way, rather everyone elses egos, and axl rose's ego got in the way. They arent that old though. They hit it big in 86 i believe, and despersed sometime like 91 or 93, so, there just barely older than me, so by calling them old your calling me old, and im only 16..lol :) And about the vocal chords being blown, I wouldnt be surprised. He had a huge range and could belt out those high notes.
  18. Nothing can beat the gravel-voiced moaning of Gregg Allman!
  19. Umm, no it isn't.

    Just because a band was around in your formative years does not make them a new/young band. The Grateful Dead was around until just a couple years ago, and that doesn't make them any less an incredibly old band.

    BTW, they were formed in 1985 and by my count that's 20 years. 2 decades. 2 years after I was born. For a person, that's young. For a band, that's incredible. My favorite punk band has now been around for 11 years and is still going at it, and people find that amazing. Few groups can hold up that long (especially with only one line-up change which was a guitarist change after the first album.) And Guns N Roses is still going out there making attempts at being a band after 20 years. Still amazing.

    So yeah, old band, no doubt about it.
  20. By not old, I meant there one of the younger bands mentioned in this thread. They are pretty old, but not nearly as old as any of the others mentioned in this thread. I was comparing them to the other bands mentioned in here, rather than time wise. I said 86 because thats's when they hit it big. I know the were formed in 85 but not many people knew about them until 86.