Part III of my Turbocharged Mustang build.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Brads Coupe, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Very nice! Im jealous of the T56:hail2:
  2. What is the total displacement of the engine. I am considering running a similar combo, but wanted to run a 331. My main goal is to hit 700hp on pump gas, daily driver
  3. 331ci
  4. is it at all streetable? What kinda power are looking to get out of it?
  5. Of course, in fact you won't even be able to tell it from anything but a stock mustang when I drive by.

    In fact its more quiet then a stock Mustang. About the only thing that will give it away from the outside is the sumped tank and the big brakes.

    Should actually run much nicer then last years setup.
  6. A few more pics of the teardown. Steve cleaned everything up like it was new again. :nice:

    Check out the old pistons and cylinder wall, good as new. Thats called a Toma tune. :nice:

    Check out the last pic, the cam gear was eating away at the cam plate :shrug: What would cause that?

  7. My new By-Pass valve:D

  8. You're gonna weld all the holes and repaint the engine bay along with hiding all the wires while the engine is out right? ;)

  9. LOL...sure, if you wanna do it for me.:lol:
  10. Hey Grover,

    Just a question for us Cali-emmisions retards. Is your car going to be street legal with the AFR 205's? Or do you have an in with the inspection dept?
  11. A couple better pics of my new By-Pass valve. One without the adapter on and one with.

  12. What kind of power are you looking on geting out of the combo?
  13. With my current T67 650rwhp. If I upgrade to a T76 800rwhp won't be a problem, but I think thats getting a little nuts for a street car...LOL
  14. Thats what my friend is going to go with. The T76.
  15. Brad have you found any other valve covers that look good (polished) that fit with a minimal spacer? I have a customer that wants some polished or chrome valve covers, Holley intake, styud mounts, 1.5" cowl hood...
  16. Not sure Mike I deal with the Canton stuff but have never purchased any of the VC yet, I'll have to call and get some pricing.

    Brad Did you run a billet timing set? Did it use a brass washer? If so you should run the hardened cam retainer plate, I can get you the PT# if you need it.
  17. how many pounds of boost can support a stock short block?

  18. My new cam plate is hardened steel with a roller bearing setup. Very whizzy.:nice:

    I ran as high as 13.5psi on the street on my stock block with no issues.

    My setup will see 18psi.
  19. How come my signature doesn't display anymore?:shrug: