Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. An old pic of mine...


    I'll get some better ones later.. Different wheels coming. One day.
  2. love the rs
  3. P8210005.jpg
    old cragar 4 lugs, i actually like them better
  4. Love that color!!
  5. The front of that blue Fox reminds me of a Nissan Skyline for some reason hahaa
  6. The body kit is a little too bulky for my taste, but the car looks very well put together. I like your new wheels more than the old ones. Not a fan of the flat style wheel that is tucked in.
  7. Not many choices with the 4 lugs so I went with the cobra r replicas. Didn't really feel like doing the 5 lug conversion.
  8. So, they painted the window trim, door handles, side view mirrors, cowl vent cover, AND wiper arms body color? Yikes. Nice car otherwise. :shrug:
  9. Thanks!:nice:

    I like that look!^^^
  10. Yeah the previous owner went a tad bit too far with the red. Some of it i dont mind but was planning on going back to black on the cowl vent and wipers for sure. Havent decided on the rest yet though.
  11. me too im guessing there replicas? and whats the suspension setup... I had oems for a day and they just poked in way to far
  12. love thats.....
  13. they are black now, kinda miss the grey tho.
  14. 17x9 ROH snypers all around


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  15. holeshot rims .. look great not that many stangs have them.
  16. 18x9/10.5 chrome True Forged chicane wheels mounted on 245/40/18 & 295/35/18 Bridgestone potenza re760 sport tires. Over the years my car has had a few wheels on her. Since I had her Pony R's,99-04 Gt, and True Forged wheels has been on her.
    fe1.jpg rb.jpg 93_gt_100_0440.jpg
  17. Here's mine! It's still a work in progress.

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  18. Awesome,keep up the great work
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  19. Love drag lites on coupes
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