Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. Same pics I whored out a week or two ago:



  2. Deep dish wheels will really set your car off, Dave! I'm partial to FR500's on foxes, but Bullitts are nice, too.
  3. Fell in love with these. The chrome with black and the rivets :D...



  4. it looks good.:nice:
  5. Got them off a '94 someone was parting.



  6. 18" Boyd Coddington (R.I.P.) Smoothie II's 4-Lug

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  7. Anyone have a pic of a black GT on black rims with a polished lip? I'm considering the black 17x8 Bullits from American Muscle. Not sure about the stance on 17x8 though. I'd be running a SN95 5lug setup. My reasoning for 17x8 is my buddy has 6 used 245/45/17 tires for me to burn up.
  8. dz187 very nice looking! could you tell me tire size? are the quads removed? are those rims 17/9 and 17/10.5?

  9. look at Cenok is Family's a few pages back. they're not bullitts but they look seriously bad azz....

  10. That sure is a pretty drop top! :nice:
  11. Thank you! ;) It's sure been a heck of a project!
  12. 18x9 Shelby Razors
  13. Nitto NT555Rs 245 17/9 front, 17/10.5 315 rear. No quads plus I rolled the outer fenders and hammered the inners
  14. thanks dz 187!
  15. just got my new wheels and tires on this weekend-

    18" Iforged swifts in gunmetal with T1Rs fronts and R888s rears

  16. Here is my ride. When I get stationed stateside, I will be doing a 5 lug conversion and most likely getting FR500's. And yes, the car needs a 2" drop :)


  17. WINNER!

    I've always loved your coupe (saw it in person a time or two also), but now you have some wheels that are worthy of a car that clean. Looks great, well done.
  18. My contribution.

    GTX Budniks - Satin black centers polished lips:



    GTX Budniks - Satin black centers brushed lips


  19. Carlisle2011_1979pacecar101.jpg

    That is either the coolest thing I've seen on a Fox or the worst nightmare. Honestly, I cannot decide. Either way, it falls into, "Badass" territory.

    You definitely get +1 interwebz for originality and +1 interwebz for implementation.

    What tails are those?