Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. 2006 GT Manual, 16ish mpg city/highway at 65mph I get 28-31mpg depending on which way the wind is blowing/interstate at 80mph I get 23mpg. Cant complain although that is with mostly airflow mods and I only have 313.33 rwhp.
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  2. That's pretty good :nice: , but I'm betting you can do some bit better out there in Oklahoma .... :cool:
    .... maybe you can try it on a clearer, more dry day :) , when you aren't pushing water out from under the tires? :rolleyes:

  3. Just did the first oil change at 5082 miles on my '14 and I am averaging 15.5mpg. We updated all the modules to the latest calibration and I noticed it says 341 miles to empty when I fill up instead of 213 previously.
  4. YOU ONLY GET 8??? I had an 02 GT manual with the ram air, that got 20 to 25 average, the new baby (an autotragic) averages 20 city/ up to 32 hwy depending on my speed, mountain driving over the Rockies I40 to I5 to Canada with the AC on the whole time, it was 112 outside.
  5. I did my 5k first oil change a few weeks back. My "Trip 2" I never reset from when I bought it new, so it accounts for all 5k miles, and it's about 23.9 mpg. Had some really bad gas mileage that first 1k miles. I normally get about 24.5-25 mpg average now depending on how aggressive I drive. Mostly highway miles going to work everyday, 40 mile round trip, through about 40 stop lights round trip. Usually stop for about 10 on average, round trip.
  6. 2013 GT 6 speed and I'm getting 16 right now because I drive 3.5 miles to work on city streets. Even when doing the occasional freeway drive it really doesn't go up unless its a long drive. On the long freeway drive back from the dealer I was getting 27 though so there is hope.
  7. 2012 GT 6 speed and don't know what rear end yet. Just one trip so far. Drove from Vernal Ut to Rock Springs WY and averaged 20 mpg. I wasn't driving like a looney but I wasn't exactly driving for economy either.

    Drive more uphill than down over two mountain passes. Started at 5,300' and ended at 6,400'.

    I'd say not bad, better than my F-150 ecoboost gets on the same drive. I have a lot of junk in the toolbox on the pickup, and slightly bigger tires but I'd of never thunk it.
  8. Not bad, I have the 4.6L and it responded beautifully to airflow mods (CAI, long tube headers, x-pipe w/high flow cats, and straight flow mufflers) originally got 15/21 and after mods I get 18/29. I'm sure the 5.0 responds the same, go for it when you get the money!
  9. 2009 v6 automatic, just a hair under 22mpg so far but I've only had her a week
  10. 17.2 over the last 20k miles. that's in a 2013 5.0..... F150.
    my 2013 5.0 6mt stang got 22.4 over 13k miles, but then had to go due to a bum knee :/
  11. When I sold my 2005GT I was routinely getting 21/22 during summer and 23/24 MPG in winter. Had aftermarket exhaust from heads to tips, a CAI, and custom tune on the chip, always ran full synthetic oil, but that high mileage on my commute involved 80-90MPH daily so I was not trying to max MPG anything.

    I sold the V8 Stang for a turbo-I6 (German import) and my mileage is 1 or 2 MPG better but I have to use premium fuel, so it costs significantly more per mile than the old horse.
  12. 2014 GT with 3:73 gears.

    Averaging 16.5 to 20.5 depending on how I drive.

    Surprisingly I get better gas mileage in the city than the highway. I attribute this to a lower cruising RPM in the city in 6th than on the highway in 6th.
  13. I've left my main fuel economy thing alone and haven't reset it for over 1,000 miles. It sits at 24.7 mpg now and almost never moves. I sometimes get it to go 24.8 but then I soon drop it back down. :)

    5.0 GT Manual, 90% of my driving is a 40 mile round trip to work, mostly highway driving.

    EDIT, picture i took 5-13-14. The warm summer air is increasing my average.

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  14. 13 V6 automatic 16.9 mpg driving 50% city 50% highway.
    Custom exhaust. PP
  15. 2014 GT manual. Avg about 18 in mixed driving. 25 on highway.
  16. 2006 GT automatic. Avg 19 in mixed driving. 27 on highway. Flowmasters added.
  17. 2014 v6 manual at 2k miles is getting 21 mpg.
  18. 07 GT Mustang w/ Roush stage 2 single belt supercharger (GT500 fuel system), BBK long headers, BBK shorty X pipes, Corsa exhaust.

    15.5 MPG city/highway. She gets between 19-21 MPG highway.
  19. For the last more than 1000 miles I've been able to stay above 27mpg on each tank in my 06 GT Manual. School is about to start which means more traffic. We will see what that does to the mpg. I drive close to 500 miles a week about 85% highway. Car only has off road exhaust and boom tubes.