Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. About 7 mpg and worth every gallon!!!! Lol
  2. Get some!!!


    2013 GT, 6 speed manual, 3.31's @ 50mph
  3. Have just completed an 890 mile highway trip in my 2002 Australian Tickford Cobra Convertible, 5 speed. 3.27 rear end, at an average speed of 60 to 65 mph and fuel consumption worked out at 27.7 mpg (US Gallon).

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  4. 2005 GT Auto

    12\11 mpg city, 20\21 hw without traffic (if so 19 :( )
  5. I have had my Shelby for about 4 months and I have driven it about 5000 miles. I get between 21 and 22 with about a 70/30 city/highway mix. I have seen 29+ going to Tampa in the rain babying it the whole way.
  6. If you're getting 20+ in a Shelby with 70% city driving, you're doing it wrong. :burnout:
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  7. You are so right, easy and steady is the trick. Just a little goosing will kill great mileage numbers.

    I believe it. You have a 59 year old retired trooper here, living in a rural area of The Shenandoah Valley so nearest town is 15 miles away and we often go an hour or more to bigger cities. Wife and I just bought our 2008 Mustang GT 5 spd June 19th. We've thought about buying one for years .... just didn't before. It has 3.31 gearing with 22,000 mile and driven with a steady foot, 55mph speed limit, US RT11, anticipating hills and slow ups, etc, ..... filling up at same pump at same staion at Greenville on way up and back, I drove 186 miles on 6.12 gallons on a recent "ride" .... math says 30.39, readout in car read 30.3.

    June 19th when we bought it and brung it home from Roanoke I gassed it and the '92 T-bird at the BP off exit 150 and reset the readings and did not mention it to wife, let her drive it home as I followed and photo graphed some, 60 miles later the info read out said 28.7 and there's a good increase in altitude from there to home.

    I think I can squeeze even more after I get used to it. Something I do a lot is use my Scan Gage II in the '01 Grand Marquis, '95 T-bird, and '07 FX4 and two gages used almost always are the instant MPG and AVE MPG .... the instant MPG is much like watching a vacuum gage and in trying to keep it high one teaches oneself good gas mileage habits that will easily beat cruise control ..... on all except maybe perfectly flat Kansas highways and maybe even then.

    I can get 30-31 out of the 1995 Thunderbird 4.6 LX and even 20-21 is easy on longer runs where not starting and stopping in the 2007 FX4 with 3.55 rears and 5.4 and tune / cat back. Even the Mercury will get high 20s, it averaged very nearly 27 mpg in 7,955 miles in 21 days of us touring Rt 66 and seeing Yosemite and Sequoia and back across Nevada, etc .... hauling wife and I and clothing and stuff and our dog.
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  8. The way I drive...I'm floating somewhere between 10mpg-12.4mpg.
  9. My average sucks right now because of two bad averages during break in, but from now on, I'm estimating 24-26mpg average depending on where and how I drive it. :) My best so far was 24.4mpg. Hoping for 25 next time.

  10. 2011 GT/CS, 6MT, 3.73 Gears

    Around town I get 15-16 depending on how heavy my foot is. On the highway the best I have gotten was 26.
  11. My average city/highway combined is 21.5 mpg
  12. My latest was 25.1 mpg, but now my foot is getting the itch to push the pedal down more. Probably the last time I hit 25. lol.
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    Compared to my boat that's awesome..
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    I fully admit that I have a heavy right foot. This was after about 250 highway miles with the cruise set at 65mph in 6th gear.
  15. 18-19 average. up to 42k miles now and its been the same the whole time.
  16. Round trip Delaware, OH --> Cleveland, OH in a '12 V6 Performance Package, 6 spd., 3.31's, @ 75 mph = 28.1 mpg
  17. 29.5 mpg on the last tank, with a 5.0 and 3:31s. Mostly interstate @70 mph. Just a few city miles thrown in. And as always, only pure, ethanol free gas.
  18. Wow! That is outstanding mileage, actually. I have an 08 Bullitt, 5-Speed, and I get to the speed limit very quickly and mostly average around 12MPG city driving.
  19. I'm averaging 21 mpg right now with mostly city driving in a college town. I get roughly 24 mpg out on the interstate running 65-70. V6 motor with everything stock right now.