Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. May be wrong but it feels ohhh so right :drool:
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  2. I agree :nice:
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  3. You suck! :fuss:
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  4. 1000 apologies. I figured you already had lunch..
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  5. Cold Air intakes, 24lb injectors/MAF, 6AL boxes, shorty headers, throttle body spacers, doing either intake/cam/heads without doing the other 2. Under drive pulleys

    I've done almost all of these in the past. Each one was stupid in it's own special way and amounted to a lot of wasted time. Live and learn
  6. Tubular K member, what a waste of money. It's way more beneficial to put that money towards more hp.
    Deleting back seat, stupid
    Removing the A/C, stupid
    Removing the PS, stupid
    Msd 6al, does nothing except break
    Drag springs on a car that doesn't see alot of track time. Makes your car handle literally like a boat.

    All things i have done.

    I have a few more that i have a distaste for, but at the moment i'm not up for arguing. Probably cut into my titanfall time.
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  7. We should make t-shirts about this chit.
  8. * wishes titanfall wasn't an Xbox exclusive*
  9. IMO gears should be tayloring the power band and in between 3.08 -3:55, on the 3.08-3.27 side for power adders and 3.27- 3.55 side for high compression n/a motors.
    ...and deleting the A/C is a terrible idea:nonono:
  10. 3.27-3.55? Where does that come from? Or are we just disregarding the possibility of different powerbands?
  11. Let me just say for the record, we have gone three pages and jrichker has not said removing smog equipment. :hide:Ful

    One more- driving with skinnies on a DD. (done it)

    Looking at this list, just scratching my head as I have on my car

    • shorty headers
    • U/D pulleys
    • CAI
    • 3.73's
    • no smog equipment
    • Gt40 heads/intake but stock cam with 1.7 RR
  12. FWIW my car never had smog gear since I've owned it but I am contemplating going back. In tired of smelling like 93 octane.
  13. I have the same except stock heads and the mighty e cam:(
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  14. I like my 3.73's. I don't regret putting them in. 3rd and 4th gear is a blast. Isnt that what these fox bodies are all about?

    My car was bone stock when I got it and it's way better with the mods I've done. I strongly disagree that any of them were a waste.
  15. Glad to see Im not the only one who thinks throwing in a steep gear can have more downsides than up, feel like Im going crazy sometimes reading all the comments saying gears are the one and only first mod any mustang owner needs to do.

    IMO first mod should be subframes.
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  16. Dont completely agree underedrives can give noticeable gains for little cash. Probably one of the best HP/$ mods possible, as long as you get a kit that normalizes the alternator speed.

    Also the stock cam is nice, intake/heads need to be done, but you can get away without a cam change , especially if you want to do more street and keep your low end. Alot of horror stories about cam changes that have left people longing for more low end.
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  17. What about TB? Is this worth it?
    Ive got GT40p, stock cam, 73MAF. Would a bigger than stock TB have any ill effects? Any benefits that make it worthwhile?
  18. 1
    10-15 years ago before hci kits were widely available and affordable I think gears were a good option. Now that we can bolt 75-100hp on to our cars in a weekend on a variety of ways I think gears should be one of the last things done.
  19. Any
    benefits? Sure. Worth the money? No.
  20. 3.70 rear gear and no regrets here....