Popular Mods That You'd Recommend To Not Do

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  1. 3.73 with 26" tire at 6000 rpm puts you through the traps at 124 mph at the top of 4th. (1:1 final in manual trans car)

    With enough power and traction, what's not to like about that?
  2. So your not gonna fall for the Bannana in the tail pipe ? sorry I had too .
  3. No...........but I was gonna put a Banana up Noobz tailpipe :shrug:
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  4. Everyone in this thread seems to think that traction is this unobtainable thing. That if you spin the stock tires with 3.73s and 190hp that there's just no hope for ever controlling it
  5. The truth has been told! On a 5.0 car its not really needed. That one time your starter dies though....
  6. You'll just have to wait your turn!
  7. That confirms alot of rumors we've always heard about you airlift guys...
  8. u jelly
  9. For street driving, wheel spin is part of the fun. Especially snatching 2nd with a squealing chirp. Don't care if I'm not going anywhere, just sounds badass.
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  10. My DD nature coming out :D
  11. How is a tubular k member not a nice mod?
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  12. I agree. Weight reduction off the nose is good in any scenario
  13. For a track car....No problem, but for a street car


    No thanks :shrug:

    Not to mention....these poor tin cans have enough trouble surviving front end impacts as it it. Don't think I'm gonna remove the strongest part of the entire vehicle (as heavy as it may be) and replace it with a few pieces of tubular metal and go driving it around on the street. I don't care who's name is stencilled on it.
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  14. For sure. I mean on a street car, c'mon guys it's a street car. What are you trying to cut down a hundredth of a second to get to the turning lane!? It's not just w k-members, the list goes on and on. Just my thoughts
  15. Everyone has a different opinion on what a street car is. Using a tubular k member to me isn't a bad idea.
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  16. How does a k member make it go, "BANG....BANG....BANG....CREEEEKKK...BANG....CLUNK....BANG....BANG!!!"?
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  17. My car makes none of those noises from the front suspension, its well worth close to 100 lbs off the nose and more clearance for everything. The noises come when you use cheap components. My UPR coilover sleeves made noise, with the strange ones now it is quiet.

    Its also not knocking .010 off the time at the track. Just the weight savings alone is almost .1, then you factor in how weight off the nose helps the car work better and transfer weight to the rear tires and it becomes more than .1. How much more? I dont know, but with anything else it is all about the package.
  18. Ya but Jeff your car isn't a street car, you only won your class at drag week no big deal!! That's a race car only thing right?
  19. if you have long tubes and plan on ever actually working on the car a tubular front end is a must. starters die and it makes things much easier
  20. They all pound in the front end and transfer a pile of road noise. I've ridden in cars of all sorts, with all different kinds and they all do the same thing. If you live in a town with no potholes, then good you're one of the lucky ones....enjoy it. I and about 80% of the rest of North America have to live with them on a daily basis. And a big old tubular K-member isn't nearly as friendly to live with on a daily as the stock stamped steel unit..

    Some owners will put up with the bull:poo: and convince themselves the performance trade off is worth the hassle. Some will even go as far as ignore the problem altogether. I'm not really one of those guys....at least not since I was a teenager. ;)
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