Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Yea I was always a fan of those wheels in general. For some reason the stock ones look wimpy on the back of a Mach 1- but with aftermarket DD ones they look fantastic.
  2. Thankya!
    OOPS! it happened again:doh:
  3. Nope! I used VHT wrinkle paint! I did the valve covers too! Came out exactly how i wanted it to!
  4. I used that before but I can't recall it being that textured. It's good stuff. Valve covers and intake held up great after the engine fire. Too bad my electronics melted :(
  5. Your intake really looks GREAT! I used the same product on my intake, valve covers, blower and discharge tube.
    That stuff really produces a nice appearance, and seems to be very durable.
    Last one,,, I promise:D
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  6. Is that plastic trim on the rad support stock?
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  8. Very nice. Me likey.
  9. Damn your car is so clean!
  10. Thanks! Yea im loving the finish and stuff so i may end up doing my elbow and stuff so it all matches. I plan on going Vortech someday - i'll be giving that the same treatment!
  11. dont have to promise,a little white lie here and there is not a problem?
  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1403995047.468938.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1403995062.972480.jpg

    435 /420 and 7.5 psi the little a trim that could
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  13. woops wrong post
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  16. Yeah I like it better now too! The '93 Cobra replica's looked great on the car when I installed them 8 years ago. In the last couple years I got bored with them. I painted them black last year to try and spice things up again.
    Meh, it didn't really work for me so I started looking for something cheap and simple.

    The SC replica's fit in just right.
  17. Back in a fox :banana: