Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Can I ask why you have both the flat style upper radiator mount and the factory style brackets?
  2. Who me? Nah, whole car is getting dipped red with black accents.
  3. Cause he likes to party!
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  4. I already had the chrome factory style brackets in place for a couple years or so when I decided to add the large cover bracket. I wanted it to hide the wiring harness that runs between the radiator and front radiator support. I have added an electric fan and other parts so I have quite a bundle of wires as well as the factory harness.
    As it turned out, the radiator didn't seem totally secure with the large cover bracket alone. The radiator seemed loose and would move slightly. I wanted a tighter fit so I notched the ends of the large cover bracket and added the chrome factory style brackets back into the mix.
    The radiator is now very secure and "hiding my wires" LOL
  5. It will be more multicolored than before, black fenders, red hood, blue front bumper :cool:
    A few small changes to the engine as well... but that's top secret till the parts get here :p
  6. Although not necessarily a fox body post, I figured I'd share it first with my homies. My fox has 150k miles on her and I've been driving her waaayyy too much since I finished her in the spring. Basically I've put like 6k miles on her this year and really want to keep her in show shape. Sooo, I decided to shop around a bit and see if I could find something a little newer, that I could afford, that would work better as a regular personal car (I have a 2012 F-250 sweet work truck I can use outside of work if I want). I got lucky this weekend and found this baby. 2006 GT with 28k garage kept miles. Now my fox can rest a bit and I can save her for shows and pretty days IMG_4307.JPG IMG_4309.JPG
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  7. image.jpg Haven't seen too many 5.0s here w stock turbines. Here's how mine sits. Just installed bbk gripp springs w new poly sway bar, end link, and Iso bushings. Along w a new sve fender well intake. image.jpg
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  8. Not really a huge fan of the 6" hood, but with the 351W, EFI Super Vic intake, 2 inch spacer, 4 barrel TB, and air cleaner, it barely fits. Wish I could get back to a least a 3" hood.

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  9. Like this IMG_0993.JPG
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  10. Made some progress during the long weekend. Need to install the distributor, wires, oil and antifreeze.

    Then fire it up. Very nervous and excited!
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  11. DSC00693 (2).jpg DSC00694 (2).jpg DSC00697 (2).jpg
    I took these yesterday.
  12. heres my 93 2.3lx.
    its been in uk about 12yrs, i've owned it about 2 weeks, full history(even got shipping papers etc!!!) 68k miles from new.

    original dealers sticker.

  13. good god that for banger is s clean
  14. yeah im with stykhyn thats clean. good find
  15. Went and visited her at the chassis shop today where she is getting a 10 point. Door bars are a little funky, but designed to be low slung while accommodating the Corbeau seats which flare out towards the door at various points.

  16. Well here is mine but this is the story... 7 years ago I hired a guy to paint this car and he took the car and fell off the face of earth. I tried contacting him several times only to be unsuccessful so I reported the car stolen. So after a year I wrote the car off as a loss and started the process of getting a divorce. During the divorce I put looking for the car on the back burner. Last Tuesday I received a phone call from a guy asking to buy my Mustang. I was shocked to here this and was able to get a general location of the car. He said the car has been sitting for the last 5 years in a yard where he rents a garage. The guy who had the car skipped out on $4000.00 in back rent and left in a hurry. No one knew whose car it was and the landlord was trying to sell it without a title. The guy that called me did research and found I was the owner of the car. I called the local police department told them the story and the officer that handled this said he knew 2 possible locations where the car could be. He called me back in 20 min I drove out there and there she sat. I got a tow truck and towed her home. She is beat up broken windshield, stripped column, and they popped the truck lock. Car has some rot but the floors are good, shock towers are solid and typical issues with a car sitting for so long. So here I am back in the scene and a project for the winter. I have to dump some cash into the car but I figure this car is meant to be owned by me or I would have not ever have gotten it back.

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  17. wow, that makes for a good story for your cars ressurection!
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  18. Every time I go in the garage I cant believe that the car is there lol
  19. epy8y2y5.jpg Me and my buddy out playing with his cummins powered land cruiser


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  20. I have a hard on for old FJ's. That one is ****ing sweet!