Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Custom Dana 60 out back. Manual 3 speed transfer case. Cummins 6bt in it with getrag 5 speed, Blazer k5 wheels with the hubs bored. The cage is built by him. The whole truck was done frame off in his garage by him and his father.
  2. What a hillbilly dick! :puke:

    Is this the only car you're, "Sorry to the owner of...?" You remind me of the kind of person that looks better going than you do coming.... Hope your wife isn't the kind of person to openly bash someone else's expression... if so the same goes.
  3. Ughh, going through Fox withdraw... I don't know why I still troll here!
  4. because youre shameless.
  5. I never owned it and I wish you never sold

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  6. Put my fiberglass hood on last night!

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  7. Looks Great!
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  8. IMG_20130907_181440_562.jpg
    Everything stuffed in the garage, if I only had the time to work on either one...
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  9. Have i mentioned i hate your guts lol
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  10. I need space like that! Hating your guys too..... lol
  11. Beautiful space grover!
  12. As mine sits
    epeqyne4.jpg zu5eju6y.jpg vu9amy2u.jpg
    Finishing up a huge build

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  13. Good lord look at all that wiring haha
  14. Lol funny you mention, I'm gonna get a wire tuck lol all hidden

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  15. Thats what i did good luck lemme know if you need some help you can also check out my build thread i had a few pics of how i did mine
  16. Oh yes please post the link, I'm paying someone to do it but I'm curious

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  17. Its in my sognature or you could scroll over to the tech section i just posted so it should be on the first page
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  19. Finally installing my upper and lower control arms. New sway bars too...