Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. Roush Stage 1

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  2. excellent pics for sure.
  3. DSCN1710.jpg
    2000GT-P1SC w/Intercooler, 42lb Lucas Injectors, Livernois Motorsport custom cams, Focus SVT pump, 90mmSCT meter, 373 gears, Stallion(2800stall)converter , Denso Iridium Plugs, Eibach Pro Springs, BBK Subframe connectors, B&M Trans Cooler,Transgo Shift Kit,

    New mods: SLP LT's and Xpip, BBK 75mm TB and plenum, MM CC Plates, Steeda STB, MM LCA's, Tokico Blues shocks and struts
  4. Picked it up last Tuesday, put on 1100 km's as of Saturday... WICKED CAR !!!

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  5. :nice: NICE!!
  6. A shot from this weekend

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  7. Pic of my 05 Gt. K & N FIPK cold air intake, K-sport springs, 62mm polished BBk throttlebody, sct excaliber 3 programmer, sepc stage 3 clutch and pressure plate, lightweight flywheel, hurst short throw shifter, pypes offroad x pipe with flowmaster catback.. and a lot more...!

    rsz_img_3719.jpg rsz_img_3653.jpg IMG_9343.jpg

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  8. heres my 06 gt. stang.jpg
  9. ^ need for speed lol
  10. Here's my new ride! Just got it last friday. Let the modding begin!!!
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  11. My Stang...shot for Car and Driver Magazine interview for Alex , my son... stang1.jpg
  12. Hmm I like this...
  13. The only thing done so far is leather seats. Stripes and axle back ford racing mufflers are ordered.

  14. Picked it up June 23 and only a couple of small tweaks so far: JHR shifter bracket and door sill plates (base model), probably rims next. IMG_2920r1.JPG IMG_2932.JPG
  15. very nice durtjunkie! I want one so bad, I have build that same car about 1000 times online
  16. Thanks...I like everthing about it EXCEPT my current addiction to modding it out. The aftermarket is loving me right now.