Post Pics of Your Mustang

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by duner, Apr 7, 2005.

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    Here's mine...

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  4. Here's a few of mine...

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  5. one more...

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  6. Here is a pic of my car the day after I got her.

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  7. hey where did you get those slotted hoods? They look awesome!
  8. Im really starting to love the location of the fogs :nice:

    That sonic blue color is sweet

    If anyone is on stang-tech and wants to post their ride up I would like to get ride pics sticky going.
  9. harrier, your car looks great! I would love to see some more pictures.
  10. Thx, Cam07.

    I have Eibach Sportline springs on her. Yes, I use Zaino on her. The wheels are Foose Nitrous-20s. 9"F & 10"R. Tires are BFG KDW2- 255/35F & 285/30R.

    Just finished masking her off about an hour ago. My white Rally and GT 350 rocker stripes should be in tomorrow. Then all I have to do is tint her w/ 35% tint for now.

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  11. Great looking car. But get that dealer plate frame off there unless he's paying you a couple of hundred each month for advertising.
  12. Err, Stan, I don't have any dealer related sticker on my car. If you are referring to the stickers on the right side of the bumper, that is a safety check sticker required by law. There is one state in the Union i believe that requires annual safety inspections. Hint, it's the 50th and last state in the Union. Lucky me, I happen to live in that state. Aloha.
  13. Sweet ride, Drewdawg. My rocker panel GT-350 stripes went on tonight. Waiting for my rally stripes like yours. After that, it's off to tint. I'm sure you're loving your super sonic blue GT as much as me.

    Is the '05 GT great or what? Can't wait for the MGW shifter to come out for the '05.

  14. It out now! Just became available a few days ago. I agree, they look sweet! :nice:
  15. Here's a shot of mine. Just got it a week ago.

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  16. Unbelievable. Thanks a million, outdoorstom. I just emailed Geroge at MGW. I've been waiting for his shifter for nearly 5 months. Thx again. You made my weekend.