Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

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  1. Like The Thread Says.. Thanks People!

    I Love Pictures!
  2. Here are the twins:




    A little something for you SUV lovers:

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    And the little brother that started my obession with these damn cars: :D


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  3. I gotta few pictures but they are too large. Anyone wanna help me shrink them? Thanks.
  4. not too many pics but here is a bad quality[​IMG]
  5. Several images of the current, and former in various galleries at the Saleen Club of America Club website under "Event Image Gallery" link.


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  6. Here are a couple I took today.





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  7. Here's mine, 1987 Saleen #197. Originally Black but now Maroon. I'm getting it painted this winter but I can't decide to either go back to black or stay with this color. Any suggestions?
  8. Damn that convertable would look good in my driveway. Come on man it rains too much out there for that. I can put mine in the mail and return yours to me if you wanna. :D I must say that will be the next car for the wife. Remember "Black is Beautiful".
  9. Every time i see that red foxbosy saleen i want to cry. Its so damn nice! :)
  10. Hell that car would be nice in any color. Your car is definately a "neck breaker".
  11. I'm actually leaning towards leaving it this color, I get allot of coments on how nice this color is. Black looks great but this is a very rare color for 87, only 3 originally came with this color. I took it out yesterday for a cruise, went down to Team Ford, the guys down there flipped over it. They were dynoing my friends 89 SSC I just installed a vortech on, he made 312rwhp and 336rwtq. Not bad for a start on his. They were impressed with the numbers on my car, 508rwhp and 465rwtq. I couldn't resist leaving in a clowd of tire smoke! hehehehehe..
  12. George.

    Please leave it that color. Everyone has had a black fox body Saleen, even me! :D Don't get me wrong, I love black, just leave it that color. Just like you said, very rare.

  13. The 3 pc Sterns sure look great on your car George..I can look at your ride all day long, both exterior and under the hood. :nice:
  14. a couple more
  15. Thanks, I'm leaning more and more towards leaving it now :)
  16. StangFan how many Saleens do u own DAMN.
  17. Ok here is mine...