Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

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man bewbs please...
Mar 23, 2007
Pacific NW
Phil Barton's old car.....think Mickey owned it after him and serviced by Vern at Affordable whom i believe still owns it...??
Yup, still own it. I actually started working on that car back in 1992 when Phil owned it. It sat in storage from 2001-2009 and has been going through a "process" that included running on the street with a Kenne Bell powered 331 stroked small block and a TKO twin disc clutch 5 speed to now sporting a 358 cid stroked and poked Dart Iron Eagle blocked 9.0:1 compression 2.8l liquid cooled Kenne Bell blown drag car with a powerglide. There have been so many ways this project has gone sideways it is retarded. I though it would be running this past it looks like late fall early winter before it is even fired up. I now have next spring down for a timetable for it's first shakedown passes.