Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

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  1. A couple new shots from yesterday :)



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  2. Can't be your car Mike, it looks like it's been washed within the last year :bs::rlaugh:

    When did you go to the black wheels?
  3. I actually drove the car in the rain the night before taking the pictures. If you would try it you would find out that your Saleens don't melt, and that it knocks the dirt off :)

    Black wheels w/ white stripe were done last summer, as I wanted a change after owning the car for 8.5 years at the time.

    Another pict:

  4. PJ Boss #446

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  5. Around the Southwest & Coast

    Here are some pics of mine.


    No flipping me **** for the snow. It wasn't in the forecast when I was driving and I got stuck driving that thing in BFE Eastern New Mexico through 5" of unplowed snow on some tiny ass highway because I knew if I came to a stop, there was NO way I could get that thing rolling again.



  6. Kinda hard to when you can't view the pics:shrug:
  7. Yes indeed.....
  8. At least you can see his pics, your Saleen looks great!:flag:
  9. my 97 s281

    # 27. right now I have cold air induction, performance chip, 373 gears, upgraded the heads / upper to 1999 4.6. Next step is a kenny bell supercharger


  10. wow... 3 of my favorite things in one picture... A saleen, a lifted truck AND and In-N-Out !!!!

    happy days :flag::flag::flag:
  11. That picture was taken at the In N Out burger right here in Kingman AZ, and he didn't even stop by and say hi....:nono::shrug::eek:

  12. Here is mine. Hands down one of the funnest cars to drive i've ever owned!

  13. Here are some pics of mine..these are from the 4 sale ad when I bought it last fall...
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>