Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

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  1. Nice, I like the white on white Saleens.:)
  2. Mike, Thanks I love the white/white as well. It definately turns heads. I am buying a full Saleen supercharger kit for it. Come on spring! This is my previous DD/project for 7 years. 2000 Contour SVT, intercooled T3/T4 turbo 11# making 298 fwhp!!
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  3. That looks pretty clean, the SCOA had a Regional event back east and I think it was a red Contour that won best of show at a Saleen event:shrug:

    go figure.:)
  4. Mike, Thanks for the compliment. There are alot of very nice SVTs out there. I have the same screen name on the Contour Enthusiasts Group.
    The Contour Enthusiasts Group

  5. bump for more pictures :flag:
  6. Here's a few. 1997 Saleen S281 Twin Turbo Convertible-

    IMG_1428[2].jpg IMG_1429[1].jpg IMG_1430[1].jpg P6070241.JPG P6070242.JPG 516kb 60%P8210112 - Copy.JPG 538kbP8210111 - Copy.JPG
  7. Mine is in Sig..
  8. Nice to see another 2011 here "Mr. Bond"... :)
  9. Bond, James Bond - Licence to Kill... LOL ... Yes we are a rare breed. From what I got from Saleen, there were only 40 Saleens produced in 2011 and only 24 of them were Verts. Im in San Antonio, Tx....
  10. Hello everyone,

    Can we bring this thread back to life? Its been a while. Lets see some New pix.
    Bring on some new Saleen pictures. Thanks
  11. Picked up 91-045 this weekend. Twilight Blue vert.

    Ill get some better pics up after i get a chance to clean her up from the transport.
  13. Looks great already. Congratulations on your vert addition. Cool color combination!
  14. Thanks! from what i can find out and been told saleen did three cars in 91 in twilight blue and this is the 'vert. the other two were hardtops.
  15. my faleen

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  16. me and 06-1111

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  17. DSC00816.jpg



    Might as well post these here too.
  18. I've not been around for a fair while but thought I'd add a pic this afternoon :)


    This was taken last summer just after I had the paint detailed by a (fairly) local guy, took him 9 hours and the best part of $300 in consumables!! Looks stunning up close now, it's gotten rid of all the swirls and lines that were there from previous owners bad washing habits!

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