Saleen Post Pics Of Your Saleen!!

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  1. So it needs a new fender, door and what else? Was the hood damaged? Is the roof salvageable or will it need to be cut off and have a new one spliced in? Looks like the Saleen body kit survived the collision, at any rate. Definitely worthy of a full restoration. Might I ask how much a Saleen coupe with this much damage cost you?
  2. Yea it needs a fender, door, and a dash for sure which I just bought. Hood wasn't touched. But it may need a roof, but I'm hopeing when it gets pulled out it will be fine, but either way oh well it stil is a sweet car. I paid 1300 for that car.

    The resto has sorta started thats why I bought your steering wheel from ebay because it is nicer than mine. So when I get yours I will sell mine.
  3. That's a killer deal getting the car for such a low price and then after the restoration you will have a great car.
  4. Bottle,

    If you need any help with anything... Tips, Tricks etc.. just let me know. I have made a few mistakes thru my restoration and can give you the heads up before you make the mistake.
  5. Cool, thanks for the help. I will remember that when I start.
  6. More like you STOLE IT (!) for $1300!! Congratulations, that is a great car, once the restoration is complete you will have a really nice, and rare Saleen coupe. Please keep us posted with pics and details of your progress.
  7. New Set of shoes for my Saleen

  8. My SSC with 93 saleen speedlines

  9. Do all the 99+ saleens have the saleen badge on the front fender. The one I am looking at has the regular pony bagde. The seats also dont say saleen. It does have the saleen body kit, build number on front bumper, authentic saleen rims, saleen gauges and the dash is signed as
  10. I belive in 99 they just used the pony badge.... :nice:
  11. My 89 Saleen #342. I only have 74k miles on it. It's an old pic taking at Daytona Beach but it's the only pic of her that I have on the net.

  12. Here's the updated car lol..





  13. Here's mine 2004 saleen conv sc only 1570 miles I just bought it 2weeks ago.
  14. Great looking cars!
  15. Here are a few of mine...



  16. I'd post pics but you guys might shun me after seeing them :( lol