Powerhouse Turbo Installed!!!!

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  1. If the drone is as bad or worse than my magnapacks, then it isn't worth it.
  2. oh... come on... what's a little drone... you shouldn't be talking on the cellphone while you're driving anyways! LOL!
  3. on a turbo car a heat shield on the CAI really won't do much.
  4. do you have any pics of how the turbo is run off the manifolds?
  5. Lucky fockers ;)....Now lets see some track times :)
  6. I tried the MRTs but got a wicked drone and a fart noise at a certain RPMs because of the LTs I had on. I thought about the SLP liudmouths, but wasn't pushing enough power and was afraid that they would sund crappy on a 6. And as it stands, even with the chambered JBAs (which are pretty smooth sounding), I set off car alarms when I parrallel park...

    What would you recommend? I am going to enjoy the JBAs for awhile, but do you think the SLPs would do the trick?
  7. Well, the Flowmaster American Thunders are on the Powerhouse car, at least I saw them on the GT. So that is good enough for me.
  8. Scott from MRT was telling me they have some new resonators that gets rid of the drone (or at least a majority of it..)
  9. You know, the drone never really bothered me too much, but that fart noise caused by a weird resonance at 2800-3000RPMs attributable to my LT headers was unbearable. And embarrassing. NOT MRT's fault, just a peculiarity of my specific set-up. I wonder if the resonators would have sorted that out? I was just loathe to shell out even more money and time on resonators and work after the fact and just sold them and got the JBAs

    But I do really like these JBAs. On duals they remind me of how the single MRT sounds on your car. And they really smooth out the raspiness of the turbo. Now the exhaust note is very muscular but smooth... I will try to get Todd to get a clip.
  10. hmmm... wonder what a single MRT would sound like with stock exhaust system and some kind of FI... hmmmmmmmm
  11. In a word: MEAN!!! :D
  12. dynomax's ultra's the oval ones that look like a regular muffler but are a strait through type of muffler. sounds are similar to a chamber muffler but can cancel out the drown your refering to. not in all systems but in some cases they get rid of the drown. but i will tell you that drone is there on all cars just sometimes its noticable more than others. may have to do with tip location or length of strait pipe before it ends at the back. fyi
  13. Well u guys definatly got the meanest 6'rs now. thats kewl!!!! :) :)
  14. only 8psi why? is that just for now for break in purposes? i mean i have a 97 eclipse that runs 10-12 psi stock. with a bigger turbo and fmic can handle 20 or more psi. what size turbo is that anyway?
  15. Mine is running 9.2-9.5 PSI and I have a spring that I can switch out if I want to make 11-12 PSI. The springs can be combined to make around 20PSI. Basically, we are both looking to run safe levels first. We do not have forged internals, and pushing these cars too hard can result in piston damage. So until I decide on upgrading the internals, I am going to do this for a while and then switch to the other spring.

    Besides, the 7.5 rear-end may not be able to handle much more. I have TrueTrac and girdle, but 400RWHP may be the limit for that set-up. The Powerhouse V6 is now running more boost (15 I think), but they have an 8.8 rear-end.

    The Turbo is a Precision PT61. More details here: http://www.nolimitmotorsport.com/precision-turbo/turbos.html?T4-Race

  16. and our 4.0L's are a high compression motor... not the best for boost... LOL!
  17. True. If I go any higher past the 11-12 mark, I will have to seriously consider adding the dished pistons and stronger wristpins. I am just wondering what the install cost on that would be...

    What is Lidio's take on all of the FI out there? What does he consider safe levels, etc.
  18. i thought the V6 comes with forged internals, but the GT has cracked powder rods?
  19. They both have hypertectic pistons.

  20. I wonder too.