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  1. So since I cant afford a FB AOD currently I am trying to add PS back to the car. I modded a towncar bracket and it sure looks like it will work.

    mock up picture. I know it takes away from the looks of the bay but I really am sick of the manual rack.


    Another view, I need to source a turnbuckle for tension on the top but it all mounts into place with little problem.

    Except the drain from the PS it is like uber close to the exhaust, the pic may not show the closeness. So anyone have any ideas?


    Once I get the bugs all worked out I will take it all apart and paint the brackets and clean it all up real nice like.
  2. For the tensioner, could you use a March style adjuster for the alternator instead. For the PS pressure side, ,maybe an Earls 90 elbow?
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  3. I second the march style alternator set up. you can adjust tension with that. As for the exhaust I am not sure how the heat would affect the return.
  4. Fabricate a heat shield maybe...?
  5. How about a 90 an fitting coming off the pump and some an line to the rack
  6. When I said turnbuckle, that is what I meant I may have used incorrect terms.

    Anyhow point of no return now.

    Old manual rack and shaft

    New? ( Used 04 OEM Cobra Rack)

    Also the drain on the PS pump is the close one the high pressure line is not an issue ( I hope)
    Maybe it is easier to see in this picture.
  7. Do a banjo fitting for the return?
  8. What's the story on the Cobra rack? Better than the Fox rack? Isn't it wider?
  9. It is supposed to have better feedback and be more precise than the Fox racks. I kept all the steering parts for that 86 I had I loved the way it felt, I am so over that manual rack
  10. I'm assuming the tank is plastic for the return fitting?
  11. If you have a Napa local they make high pressure lines and have lots of fittings to choose from some very low profile. I'd be worried about the PS tank being so close to the header even with a heat shield. Might want to look into an aftermarket PS pump with remote tank.

    With the way that turbo kit is you really are limited for room.

    As far as the turn buckle you can buy all the components from McMaster. com or if needed give me the length and I'll make you one ;)

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  12. remote mounted is interesting. Yes the tank is plastic
  13. So the manual rack tierods seems to have different threads so I am going to need a new bump steer kit. Awesome ..
  14. True...I can do the UPR setup for a good deal, make take some off in trade I need a bump steer for my own car? Hit me up with a price...

    March p313 is one pump...I think they make a serp pulley

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  15. Man seems nothing is easy with this thing anymore.

    So with the MM K with the motor back 1" that rack barely fits. I will get some pictures tomorrow I got frustrated and just walked away.

    I have read a 88-89 T-Bird turbo coupe pump is a remote set up and bolts to the stock bracket.
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  16. barely fits shold be enough!
  17. Can I ever attest to that! I'm sure you'll get it all figured out. Sometimes a day or two break from it is all it takes, been there many times, lol
  18. So for full disclosure MM K member, motor 1" back, Energy Suspension mounts, Canton 7 quart pan and MM offset rack mounts as low as they go



    close as balls!
  19. just don't ever hit a bump or lift the front wheels and you'll be fine
  20. Add some small 1/2" spacers between the block and motor mounts....

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