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  1. hydraulic shop will make em up for ya
  2. How would a shop know the correct bends? I am thinking junkyard might be best bet
  3. the bends arent critical, as long as you get the length correct, you could bend to fit kinda like a brake line no?
  4. more interneting tells me Edelmann 71116 will work, for $14.xx its worth a shot!
  5. I wish any part that i've bought in the last 3 months was only 14$, heck i'll take 2 ;)
  6. I have done this rack install on the way cheap. I was able to reuse bumpsteer parts and all the high dollar parts I kept from a car that I had to part. So I have 43 bucks in lines, 40 for powdercoat and still need a cooler.

    Of course it has taken longer than it should but whatever.

    Maybe the manual rack and shaft will sell then, Ill be makin money! (lol)
  7. maybe take a coat hanger and cut/bend it to form a pattern and have them fab it up like you want it?

    but sounds like you got it figured out anyway, i know the local places all can get the high pressure hoses (i put a new one on last year when i put in a new rack), i never did find the low-pressure one though.
  8. working from home is awesome.
    quick mock up

    Return is le close!

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  9. man you outta buy an eastwood powdercoating kit!
  10. Where did you get the alternator bracket from?
  11. 1990 Lincoln town car with a 5.0 in it. Simply modified it a bit and by modified I mean cut it down some
  12. What about the tensionr?
  13. Same towncar also just cut down some
  14. I googled it and I can't seem to find it
  15. well your going through all the normal stages of FOX ownership, after you reinstall the Power steering your 1.5 years aways from selling the car/ drivetrain .
  16. I dont know, I have had this car for almost 18 years, that is not in the normal stages of Fox ownership.
  17. The cycle is the same no matter how long it takes just like life
  18. Ok there coach.