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  1. serious.. your not running convert motor mounts are you. they are lower than notch/hatchback.
  2. no stanard energy suspension mounts i think they sit higher than the stock 93's ( I think the 93's had vert mounts stock)
  3. holy tight a$$ batman
  4. Just put the manual rack back in? Looks like you opened a huge can of worms...
  5. The power rack fit! I got it tightened up last night its close but it fits. The steering shaft went in with little drama so I am waiting on some parts. I should have it done just after 1st snow flies up here...
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  6. you're doing the remote mount reservoir?
  7. not sure, I haven't found the t bird pump, I have the normal Ford one I may try it first.
  8. energy mounts are modeled after the vert mounts, maybe a bit taller, but same basic design. prothanes are based off the hardtop mounts. factory switched em all to the vert mounts though sometime before 93 (not sure when, just that they did, maybe just using what they had for the end of the run like they did with the 85mph speedos in 89?)
  9. In my experience the Prothane and Energy Suspension sit 1/2"- 3/4" taller

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  10. Yeah man, I lust over how clean an engine bay is without PS, but especially on a 1000hp car, I have to be able to steer very quickly with just my left hand (assuming it's a stick). PS is just something I will not live without.
  11. OK I need a cooler I assume and the stock one is long gone. Mounting it could be fun with the big front mount.
  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1379185393.808453.jpg

    So I did a little more mock up and rewrapped some wires and just general clean up

    I know most of you guys can relate one seemingly simple project turns into a long one with lots of mini projects

    That tensioner is just for mock up and testi g I will get a SS rod for it later
  13. Got the rack in and bumpsteer on, any shortcuts for a "close enough" setting for the toe? I will be getting aligned after I get fully finished, and find a good local(ish) alignment place.
  14. Measure the distance between the center of the tires in front of and behind the wheels. Adjust until they measure the same. This will get you close enough to get the car aligned. Did you set the tie rods up to be parallel to the lower control arms?
  15. I kind of cheated and took a pic and just put them back same as they came off.

    Just waiting for the bracket to come back from being powdercoated.

  16. you must like shiny too :D
  17. LMAO
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  18. Well the hard return line ( which I dont have) is a Ford part only. Balls.

    I need a cooler, and both hoses still! argh!