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  1. how bad is it with a manual rack anyway?
  2. nah, next is a/c (unless he already has it, in which case nm), THEN its sell/regret.
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  3. i like my manual rack. Only downfall is parking! LOL but, I'm that guy that parks out in the middle of nowhere so its a moot point
  4. ya i was thinkin about doin manual rack, just to get rid of clutter under the hood.
  5. Welp Its time to see if it leaks and if I just **** it up. Gotta get a 45" belt and some Type F


  6. hate when that happens
  7. Just remote mount it to the trunk and run it off the exhaust flow. :D
  8. Turbo cars eat alternators...

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  9. Sounds delicious!...
  10. Amazon to the rescue. Brand new Bosch alternator for 115 bucks
  11. Amazon really? That is such an unlikely source, but a deal is a deal!
  12. Amazon has just about everything. Local stores were 165+ and had to be ordered also remans not new
  13. I forgot you live next to me now lol. I work at Spaldings so if you ever need anything just let me know ;)
  14. Thanks but I don't even know what Spaldings is....

    Oh looks like recycling yard, this could be very good info.

  15. Just to follow up.

    Turns out the powder coating was not allowing the alternator to be grounded. After putting in new one and getting same results I went on a fun wire chasing hunt all wires tested good.... I read on a bronco board to make sure alternator is grounded, so I used the grounding bolt hole in the back and ran a battery cable to chassis ground. Bingo back in business, never seen the alternator grounded before but what do ya know.

    Old alternator with the new smaller pulley and i'am makin volts like a SOB at idle. New alternator will go on the shelf as a spare.

    Moral of the story, check your grounds.
  16. that's interesting, my chrome alt is fine. I guess chrome conducts and powder coat doesn't
  17. Ok so took it out for a quick blast around the block. I am out of E85 and cant find any near me. Nearest I have found is 33 miles away ( not terrible just haven't made it there yet)
    Anyhow, the power steering is awesome but the fronts are rubbing on the lower front fenders, seems like worse than before (makes no sense) I guess I will do the turnbuckle deal and push the fender out the .5 to 1" I need. I wonder if the alignment being eyeballed (i.e off a lot) is causing the increase in rubbing.

    Have I mentioned how much I love my shop?
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  18. FU...

    Thank You :spot:
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  19. kisses
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