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  1. 10-15-06, 01:10 AM - this is when it shows the thread was started.

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    From here it looks like the same day. I also show the entire first page and a few posts on the second page were posted on the 15th as well. My apologies for reading things incorrectly. I'll have my computer checked out for viruses and replace the internal battery so the clock is more accurate.

    Personally I know nothing about Turbos, except I'm not smart enough to install one, or tune one. So I read and look at everything people are willing to share. Basically I would be of no assistance in commenting anything but, "sweet.... wish you best of luck." And ask you what your goals are, or about your setup. Others have already asked about your setup and you've answered.

    Now I do have a personal question. Do you plan to run a ST brace? Don't really consider it constructive to you though. :(
  2. Sorry, Man I missed all the BS, But I was installing My KB and Power Commander:D

    Anyway, You know what I think about your setup:hail2:
  3. Maybe people cant be leave positive feedback when ur being so negative.

    Any how... That pic looks pretty bad!!!!!!!! I wish i can do a turbo setup!!! I love the way the BOV sound... Kinda like a whip!!!!!PPPSSSSHHHH i just whopped on you lol!
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  9. Nice pic on page 2.

    Not sure what all the fuss is on the pics, though. One of the great things about this site is being able to look up posts from a few years ago and find that the pics are still there.

    Thanks for the pic. What's your time frame on the project? Just intersted in how it turns out for ya.
  10. Should be up and tuned in 2-3 weeks
  11. whos doing the tuning?
  12. so whens your pinks episode gonna air :p

    jk, turbo looks like its comin along pretty good, i wish i had the funding for that kinda project
  13. eades is a 45 year old biiiatch dont mind him

    he doesnt even own a car, never mind a mustang

  14. What are you using to tune it?
  15. one pic is worth a thousand words. i think you got that thousand words about your pics, i wouldnt worry about all the conplaints they know its a nice setup but they wish they could have it or something equal to it,

    I think if they read all the complaments they could piece together your setup or what it looks like,

    suprise pics are fun you never know what there going to post.
  16. How true Bosko

  17. The fab is about done and everything will go to the coaters on Mon/Tues
    1 3/4 Headers
    3.5" Downpipe
    2.5" Crossover
    3" exh
    MP T70 .96 a/r
    TiAl 44mm Gate
    TiAl 50mm BOV
    31x12x4 Intercooler

  18. Grabbed these also