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  1. If you have to make even one flare, I'd suggest that tool, it makes it that easy. It's almost as if your $100 bills get up and flare the brake line yourself while you sit on the couch and drink beer. It's one of those tools I bought to use once or twice and end up using it over and over and over. Definitely have gotten my money's worth from using it or renting it.
  2. Surprisingly enough my buddy knows a guy that has a hydraulic press that he will do all the flares forme for free so iI'm gonna rough everything up and get them to him
  3. OK so I got a few pics to put up I got the trans in last night at 1130 that was "FUN".

    Also in the pic you can see the new fuel lines I ran as well as the stainless brake line. I surprisingly enough had no problem with all my flares I needed to make which were 7. The hydraulic press was amazing made it to where a monkey could do it.

    I ordered some 42 lb injectors and a 90 km lightning maf I don't have a pic of the mad but here's one of the injectors and fuel rail installed.


    Also for anyone who hasn't seen it here's my rear end. Again lol.

  4. Lookin' good brother.
  5. Not much going on around here got my tires dismounted and sent out my injectors to get rebuilt and flow matched after I felt some of the pintle caps were pretty loose and filter were atrocious. Once I get my injectors back I'll be able to at least get some of this mess of a wiring system up.

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  6. Waldorf? My mom lives in Laplata, Where about in Waldorf are you?
  7. 210 and 228 closer to accokeek than waldorf
  8. Sorry I haven't posted progress in a while I've been getting ready for a tournament down near me.
  9. So I got a little work done today was able to loom up the RJM injection tech harness with some painless wiring power braid this stuff looks great I'm very pleased with how it turned put
    Another view

    The upper intake on just to take a pic patiently waiting for my pro m maf from rnh performance Rick 91GT
  10. Got a few more things done to the car. I received my radiator fans in from lmr which they look great love the aluminum case they have.
    Also here is a better pic of what my belt routing looks like and everything.
    Received a set of pbr brakes from mps auto salvage a nice 03/04 calipers and 13 inch rotors planning on powdercoating them later on down the road but for now I will be able to get them installed and start bleeding my brake lines.
    Heres a pic with my 95 cobra r's around the rotors these things are huge!
  11. whats with the ray round up?
  12. They have no predators in our waters since in salt water sharks and things will eat them in fresh watee they wont survive so brackish its too fresh for sharks but rays are ok and they destroy the oyster beds and eats crabs and us marylanders love our crabs
  13. No bull sharks in Maryland? In Fl bull and blacktips are super common in brackish estuaries and bayous.
  14. Yes but not very far into the chesapeake the salinity isnt high enough for them unless we go a month without rain then it will be high enough
  15. look forward to seeing the car finished, may have to drive down to a waldorf car show to look for your car
  16. Yeah buddy its got a few accidental scratches on the paint that i got paint to try and touch up
  17. So got a battery put in the car last night and started turning things on and off figure a lot of these things are related to the fact that i dont have my body grounded to my blok. I get a turn sognal to turn on but not flash i have no brake lights my third light wont come on i do have a radio blower wheel windows defrost so i got to get some more ground straos to ground everything right now i have the block to battery connection made
  18. Just caught up on the progress Ive been missing, Looking really good man! And those cow nose rays are excellent shark bait, you could sell those down here and make a killing !!!
  19. Birthday came and went this past Wednesday and between my brother mom and girlfriend this is what I ended up with safe to say I got it pretty good from my family.

    Anybody wanna guess what tires these are?
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