quad shock debate

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  1. I hate when that happens.

    I hate it even more when a 3+ year old thread gets bumped and I don't even agree with that I said before now.
  2. Well really, what would you expect, to just take a part that was designed to control the axle from moving all over the place off and everything to be fine... If you build the car to live without the quads, then it will be fine
  3. If you have a stock suspension, chances are you're going to have wheel hop without them. If you have a modified suspension, take them off and see how the car does. If you still have wheel hop, put them back on or install a torque arm. Or just deal with it. :shrug:

    *Goes back to look for Mike's old post* :p
  4. Quads are a Ford band aid fix for crappy control arms. Look underneath any serious drag Mustang and tell me if you find quad shocks. Granted, the biggest reason is for tire clearance, but you also don't see those cars wheel hopping either, because they're using stronger control arms and more importantly, they've had the pinion angle of the rear end adjusted properly. This is the key to preventing wheel hop as well as getting better traction. For the record, i occasionally get wheel hop and i still have my quads so what does that tell ya???
  5. Here's a little list of quotes I put together for just such debates, because the simple fact is, you won't know if you can get away without them until you try. Any time you have a 4-link or a non-torque-arm 3 link and there is compliance in the control arm bushings, there is the opportunity for the axle to generate the kind of wheelhop-inducing axle housing rotational oscillation that the quads are specifically designed to minimize.

    Some people can toss them with no problems, others can't, and it's not predictable which combo can get away without them and which one can. Certainly not enough to say "just get better LCA's and toss the quads", because it works for some and not for others.

  6. I would say the majority of people with stock control arms and 20 year old bushings who take them off , if they DON'T get wheel hop then put sticky tires on and see what happens. I never once got wheel hop until i put BFG DR's on my car and then i got wheel hop WITH quads. I know there's bound to be someone running slicks with stock everything and no quads who will contradict me..blah blah blah but the point is they're a band aid fix just like the stupid slapper bars that came before them. Get some decent control arms with new bushings in them and call it a day. The simple fact is that 99% of the quads out there are probably wore out and useless anyways and aren't controlling anything except how wide you can run your rims.
  7. yep. if you have upgraded upper / lower arms with new bushings ditch the quads.
  8. I get it. They've put me in invisible mode :rlaugh:
  9. But see, then you can't really say everyone can ditch the quads because there are some people who have the hop and do have new stuff.

    Me for example

    -Max Motorsports XD Adjustable rear control arms
    -Ford HD/Steeda boxed upper control arms
    -Ford Axle bushings
    -tokico shocks

    I've run two sets of rear springs, Ford C springs and later Mach 1 springs. I've had the adjustable arms low, i've had them high. I've had two sets of street tires on the car.

    Only thing i was missing were quad shocks...and i had wheel hop.

    What's on my car now?? Brand new Ford quad shocks.

    Everyone's car is gonna be different.
  10. Yeah i guess every chassis is different...otherwise why would i get hop with them while most don't?
  11. just so i'm clear, if i go with a torque arm and panhard bar i'll be able to dump the quad shocks with no side effects?
  12. That's right. Well, you will have the side effect of the rear end being guided through corners by the hand of God, but you won't get acceleration wheelhop anymore :D
  13. I still have mine on with less than a 1/4" clearance on my tires. Dame KYB quad shocks. I feel this is too close and might buy either Koni or Ford quads they look smaller....or even 3/8" wheel spacers. Flipping quad shocks will do nothing. The piston housing of the KYB quad shock is too long.

    275/45/17 Nitto DR on 03 cobra 10th wheels. Fox length axles.

    Edit: Forgot to mention my friend did a 4 cylinder to explorer 5.0 conversion. Wheel hop was crazy. Installed quads after the rear swap. No wheel hop what so ever. After seeing this first hand I'll keep my quads.
  14. sure but did your buddy have any other upgraded suspension parts? each car is different and you won't know till you try.
  15. if you reinforce the tq boxes and run the correct control arms with the pinion angle set right you wont run into wheelhop, its really that simple. My car had very slight wheelhop before i had the tq boxes welded, after that, no hop at all
  16. I think you should never let your wheel selection be controlled by the fact that you want to keep your quads. I would sooner dump a ton of money into my rear end to avoid using quads and be able to run 275s than stick with quads and run 245s because I was afraid of wheel hop.
  17. Definitely
  18. Best post in the thread. lol I've done that before.
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