Ran a little faster... [email protected] w/ minor bolt ons

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  1. W/ just h-pipe, headers, u/d's and a cai I went [email protected] w/ a 2.1 60'. I'm sure it would go faster, but its on old 245's. I've got new tires for next weekend when I have the heads on, So hopefully I'll get into the 13's pretty easily. Anyone have a guesstimate of what it'll run w/ the track heats and 1.7's added to everything else....maybe mid 13's w/ traction? Everyone have a good weekend. See ya, Will :banana:
  2. With your 94 GT ?????? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    And normal tires ? wow man that's a wicked good time :eek:
  3. You must be one hell of a driver man. Yeah, you'll be in the 13s easily next time. I'd do a set of gears.
  4. I think the track was prepped a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked. Hopefully I'll be able to run w/ my buddy's ls1 eventually, lol. Hopefully next outing will be a good bit quicker, there's quite a few quick cars at our track. Thanks for the compliments, See ya, Will :flag:
  5. yea i ran 14.3 too......On a 100 shot of nitrous
  6. you better be in the 13's with track heats!
  7. I think your times are right on par for your mods. With the addition of the heads and intake you "could" have a 12 second car on your hands with the proper gearing and traction.
  8. If I get into the 12's that would be awesome. I started tearing her apart yesterday, but it started to sprinkle, so I had to stop. The only thing I have left to order is pushrods, cause i still need to check and make sure on the length I will need. Hopefully it'll be ready by friday so I can see what she'll run. By the way, anyone from around columbus ohio? Im about 45 minutes nw of there. See ya, Will
  9. Nice run. Let us know how much the h/i drops your et. It would be interesting to see what you run without gears with a H/I car. Don't see that to often.
  10. Yeah thats quick for those mods. I went 14.37 @96.70 with 3.73 CAI and Catback. If u get gears u will hit 13s.
  11. I'm going to wait a little bit on the intake, So i'll find out how much power a heads only swap will gain, then i will get an intake and see what that adds. I'm sure the stock intake will be holding me back a good amount, but I would like to see just how much. See ya, Will
  12. :nice:
    nice times!
  13. I was assuming that time with "minor" bolt ons also included gears...in which case I was gonna say "pretty nice"

    NOW that I see it is WITHOUT gears, I will say "Pretty DAMN Nice"

  14. Thats a very decent time for stock gears. I have gears but no headers and the best I have done is 13.9 @ 98.5, but thats on dr's.