Recent Pics of Your Car

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  1. Those look good. Like the Bullitts and FR500s.

    My '96 coupe and a coworker's '07 GT 'vert.


    Sadly, the iPod's pictures are too grainy to see how awesomely shiny and deep the paint looks after the hours and hours I spent cleaning, polishing and waxing... uh, I mean, fortunately the iPod's pictures are too grainy to see how filthy the paint is 'cause it hasn't been washed in forever. I have managed to hose the bird crap off at least.

    Needs wheel spacers in the back.

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  2. That black roush looks amazing.

    Ive got mine tore apart right now, should be back together tonight. I will get some new pictures of mine posted asap.
  3. Looks good Steeda :nice:

    I'll have to take some new pics of my car soon and post 'em up
  4. Might take me a week or two to post mine.. but I am getting a machine polisher next weekend and believe me there will be a ton of pictures after that. Can't wait to see some of the other members rides as they sit
  5. Nice rear end :p

  6. Sonofa....:drool:

    I'll get mine up later tonight.
  7. From my thread about patching the longtubes up.

  8. Nice shop Lars, Cobra's lookin good too :nice:
  9. NightatRalphs034.jpg




    Pretty much how they sit now. All tucked in the garage.
  10. sorry for the large azz images. Hopefully one of the mods can scale them down for me. thanks in advance.
  11. Just another day at the track :burnout:

  12. :drool:

    Soo many nice cars on here...
  13. Thanks N8. Some sweet looking rides in this thread. :nice:
  14. Oh man you're not street legal with that busted headlight! :rlaugh: Wheels up nice shot
  15. 217336_2006689095527_1492660548_32338123_745530_n.jpg



    My 04' is unoperational right now :'(
  16. that cobra has a nice a**