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  1. heres my 97gt:D

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  2. the 2012 looks killer Jymbo!
  3. Here is a good pic a buddy got of mine.. :)

  4. Haven't posted on here for a while. Used to have a 2002 GT that got totaled so I picked up this 2004 DSG Mach 1 a few months ago. It has SLP LTs, SLP X-pipe, SLP Catback, JLT RAI, Accufab TB, Aluminum DS, Steeda x2's and tie rod ends, Steeda Tri-Ax. I just put on the 01 cobra front and the FR500's and yes I know it needs to be lowered. Just a quick pic from my blackberry.

  5. IMAG0119.jpg

    couple days ago after I washed and waxed it :D
  6. Where did you get 18" '03 Cobra's? Damn I'm jealous. :nice:
  7. I did my first mod on this one recently.
  8. Actually they came on the car when I bought it used last month. I looked around online for some and didn't see where they came from. I'm actually thinking about going to 17s if the right trade were to come along.
  9. Thank you! :)
  10. That Vette and the 11' look sweet!
  11. :nice: That is Marks (winters97gt) corvette and my GT when we were going to the Texas Mile. We caught some cool video from the gopros that you can see mounted on the car.
  12. Didn't the mods take them down when they were in the OT section?
  13. Yes sir :nice:
    Marks youtube page has quite a few cool videos from the gopros of us racing at the track and so on. Hopefully he won't mind me sharing the link to his page. YouTube - ‪mawk27's Channel‬‏
  14. Whoa, that Vette is a monster!
  15. No doubt about it mid 10s is moving for a daily driver. Now that its getting a forged 402 in it...There is no telling :rlaugh: