Recent Pics of Your Car

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  1. Pics as of this week....
  2. Wow.. that car ^^ there is freaking amazing. I love how everything goes so well together. Im pretty sure, that's how its supposed to be done. Great looking car! Can I have it?

  3. Ppsssshhh. And the mods say **** isn't allowed on this site.....:rolleyes:
  4. Thanks guys,glad you like.To me it's just another GT LOL! :)
    Definitely some nice stangs in here .....:nice:
  5. What's that intake?
  6. That's the Edelbrock Victor Jr.
  7. Okay, here's my most current. I took these last Friday night while I was in Tulsa for the Mid-America Ford & Team Shelby Nationals.

  8. Oops, double post, Stangnet was giving me problems.
  9. Looks awesome 68stang351.Love how you used the '99/'01 Cobra hood.Very clean.:nice:
  10. Thanks. I wanted something a little different than what you normally see. Your car is sick btw!:nice:
  11. Car looks great! What suspension are you running? That sure looks nice and low! Please tell us the details.
  12. Thanks cason234.
    Suspension details.....
    -Eibach Sportline springs
    -Energy Suspension spring iscolators,and rack of set bushings
    -Maximum Motorsports C&C plates
    -Lakewood foxbody 90/10 struts
    -Stock shocks rear
    Been running all this set up minus the struts,and iscolators basically since the day i brought it home new from the dealership.I added the struts,and iscolators roughly 4 years ago.
  13. No recent changes to the exterior so here's a pic of my Hurst setup :)


  14. What an axe handle!
  15. You gonna be able to reach that thing ok? :rlaugh:
  16. Wow Twete, what a big shifter you have lol :whine::fap:
  17. Are your FR500's actually silver or are they hypercoated..?