"Ricer" writes a letter to Car Craft...must read

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  1. Alright, not to start an arguement- my buddy had an 03 rsx-s. Honestly stock the thing would surprise the hell out of you, although you did have to watch the speedo(torqueless wonder. When we graduated he had done the basic intake exhaust header and tune. Honest to God yall - it was incredible - easily fater than my buddy's mr2 turbo faster than my girlfriends G - and the same speed as another buddy's 02? auto camaro. Now before you go off on the "auto" part.. he had just traded his 6 sp in for it b/c the auto launched better at the 1/8th track (he did alot of that). But anyway- im not sayin he would take a cobra/newer vette or anything like that but it was remarkable. All the power you could get out of it for so cheap. Now all he had left to do to keep it na was like bore cams etc. It wouldn't have beat a cobra (03/04) but it would surprise the hell out of you. Not siding with the dumbass that wrote the letter, I'm just saying... alot of people underestimate the power of 2 litre 4 cylinders.

    A month after we graduated he umm...turbod it... with my help and a few of other guys... right after his street tune he had abt 280 at the wheels.. which means... about 200 at the wheels when he hung w/ the camaro that had intake exhaust headers...
  2. i rather have my stang it may not win every street race but who cares! you may somtimes be faster (if you spend more than the car is worth) but youll never have any class! and i dont envy anybody's car unless you have a lamborghini! lol
  3. A Lambo is not the only desireable vehicle... Hell- some lambos suck...
    well relative to other super cars
  4. I've said it before and I will say it one more time for the record "IMPORTS SUCK" now you guys can bash me if you want ,but this is what I love about AMERICA.
    Freedom to say imports suck
    American Muscle
  5. Holy ****. Talk about beating a dead horse -- this one had been dead for 2 years.

    Yeah, I made that statement because at the time an RSX wasn't much and hadn't hit the street scene very hard, but now the aftermarket has widened and the rsx can be a formidable car to american cars. Give a new car time, and there will be an aftermarket big enough to give a lawn mower engine the ability to launch rockets.

    With all the anti-semitic-like behavior towards ricers, sometimes I wish I had fixed up Z so that I could blow the schmucks off the road that rev their engines at imports at every stop light.

    Any car can made to be fast. More cylinders just means less stress on the engine -- in the case of street cars. A 500hp 4cyl can tend to be a bit of a stress factor on the block. F1 cars use 2.4L V8, and use to use 3.0L V10s. I'm pretty sure my mom's Cruiser is a 2.4L, but I doubt i'll be seeing it hit 24,000 rpms. Nothing against imports or american cars. Hell, do we forget that there's an SVT and Saleen Focus? I never hear that brought up in rice/import debates. It's just as much a 4cyl fwd car as any other 4cyl fwd car. Instead of being exclusive and prejudice, perhaps we should try to be more understanding and inclusive. It makes the world a better place. We have people dying by the thousands all over Africa, and we're worried about what car someone drives. -- Anyways that was a bit of a tangent.

    I forget the car, but Jay Leno has a 1000hp TT fwd car. And back in the day people swore fwd cars could do no good. I don't care much for fwd cars, but I'm just stating the facts.
  6. I heard that any FF car w/ over 220 hp sucks on the track (real track) and can't handle at all due to understeer and such- I would like to see Leno take his around a track once.
    We never had my buddy's RSX around curves- so idk.

    Imports don't suck...
  7. They test drove that car on a circle track actually. I think they got it up to around 150. Maybe higher. It was on Rides, I think.
  8. uhm no, once they crapify them they are under the hood every week wrenching on it so it doesnt go boom
  9. wow I really wish that movie Neither fast nor Furious would have never come out. I never even remember any ricers "pimping" out their cars before that movie. Honestly I wish the government would kick out ALL automobile makers besides Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge. Don't bother trying to argue with me over this one becasue I won't change my mind about imports. I hate them and the people who drive them. Get them out of our Country.
  10. Welcome to over 3 years ago. This might as well be a sticky; thread will never die.

    So my daily beater driver is an import, guess you hate me too eh? :rolleyes:
  11. well... i'm neither fat (160 lbs) bald old (20's) or (that) ugly.. but i've had 16 cars, and over here, 'tuner' car are the cheap trailer trash..

    i could have had an impreza, or 4 civics, or 2 crx's for the $8000 my V6 stang cost me, so why didn't i?

    simple.. small engines aren't plesant to use, and american domestics, even the comparitivley slow ones have so much more soul and personality.

    i've also owned cars from 1959 onwards, and the three most enjoyable cars i've had were my 82 oldsmobile cutlass supreme, my 86 305 camaro, and my 96 mustang i have now.

    to be totaly fair, an honourable mention must go to my old 1968 lotus cortina MK2, and my 88 Renault 11 GT turbo (150bhp 1.4 turbo)

    i hate lables, and wont stick to one type of car, but american domestics are my main passion, simply because they seem to be more satisfying to own, it would also leave you gobsmacked how much more valuable some are here than in the US, thirdgen camaro's or fox mustangs typicly cost in excess of $7000 for a nice one, and as much as $15,000 for a lovely example..

    a ratty civic on the other hand can be bought for $500 or less, and a useable CRX is about $2000 - $4000