Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. I think I read that you do your own paint work. Is that correct? I'm thinking we want to learn your techniques :D I could stare at the finish on that S281 wing all day.
  2. No kidding! If it didnt hold so much sentimental value for him, I would have offered a premium penny to put it on my sapphire blue stang!
  3. Thanks and Yes I will be detailing all my body and paint work. I really hate not to use the factory Cobra spoiler, but I want to use any part I can from my old car.

    Trying to get caught up on where I am currently.

    Still in May 2010 Pulled the interior

    Re wrapped and got rid of the wires I didnt need

    Pulled the dash ran my wire behind and cut a 2" hole to run them out the tunnel.

    Ran my battery cable and alternator through the channel.
    To the kill switch
  4. when youre ready to get rid of that factory spoiler pm me.
  5. Wow man your cars were beautiful. Fires will screw stuff up quick. Even if the fire ain't that big they get damn hot and fast.

    Good luck with your new car, looking forward to more updates
  6. One of the greatest threads ever. I wish you the best of luck. I also hope you enjoy your work because, let's face it, we do!
  7. Thanks for the motivation! Appreciate you staying tuned.
  8. Still in May of last year, I began restoring some of my parts that I pulled off my old car. So here are the BBK 1 3/4 long tube headers.

    I make the mistake of getting chrome to begin with. Turned as soon as the motor heated up the first time.

    So this time around I milled and ported out the openings to match the new heads I plan on using.

    Blasted them and coated in ceramic. I think they'll work on the new car.
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  9. Thats great progress on the new Cobra and should be an awesome build when its all done. Congrats on picking up and starting over with another car and not just giving up.
  10. Thanks!

    I finished May by finishing up the wiring at least thats one job behind me.

    Also replaced the stock fuel pump with a Walbro 255 unit and added a Kenne Bell 40 amp boost a pump.

    Got some cleaning to do on the under carriage but at least it rust free. Had to deal with too many pf those over the years.

    We ending May 2010 tearing down and hauling off the old house.
    Kind of sad:(
  11. June-

    Found a mint rear bumper and fitted it to the car. Love a good OEM piece.
    Picked it up form MPS in GA and they also donated a mint headliner from the same car.
    Also picked up the tail lights to match. went ahead and sanded them down, primer, guide coat.
    I'm going to keep the original tail lights and harness, paint them up too and just switch out from time to time.
    Next I found new OEM sail panel and roof rail molding and got them fitted and put a guide coat on for the initial blocking.
    The originals were removed for a repaint and then overtightened resulting in numerous stripped bolt holes.
  12. still in June
    Started the body work on the front end beginning with the bumper. It was spider cracking on the area I completely stripped. I start by going over it with a DA then moved to 180 by hand.
    More hand sanding and flexible filler for the plate hole indentions.
    You can see where I'm going with this after 22 hours invested. I'm just going to strip the whole thing. Do I have to...No...Its was really ready to prime but I want to go the extra mile with this one.
    Finished holes off
  13. Where did you locate the Sail panel? I need 1.
  14. going with the 96-98 cobra bumper. looking good.
  15. Got it off ebay but the guy originally bought it from Late model restroation

    Onto the Cervini Cobra R hood.

    After baking it in the sun for a couple of months, I guide coated it and blocked it down with 180. I did this twice.
  16. Yes! Thanks... The body is going to be identical to the previous one... Only Black this time.

    To finish out June..
    Sandblasted the dash frame and went ahead and powdercoated it.
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    No more surface rust for this thing.
  17. Looks awesome man! When I saw the pics of the garage burnt down, it literally broke my heart. Glad you're getting back up! I love build threads, and this one gives me enjoyment! Keep up the great work!
  18. This thread is great because the updates keep coming. Its nice that you have done a lot of work, and we arent sitting here waiting for you to get it done. Very entertaining, plus you got us hooked on a sympathic note with what happened to your home and past rides.
  19. Well No car updates for July, August, September and October because we were building our house and I won't bore everyone with house pictures, but since I posted pics of my old burnt garage, seems only right to post a couple of the new garages.
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    The 94 Comes home and now the serious work can begin...
    Whether its a car or a house if your going to rebuild it, might as well do it right