Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. I don't get it...What was their excuse???
  2. Home owner's insurance doesn't cover cars. You have to have comp and collision on your cars for them to be covered. It's how they nail you with 2 deductables.

  3. Firstly, If this happened to me i would need long therm mental therapy. My shrink would have to live with me.(Analyze this) Just reading the post made me think suicidal thoughts. (Maybe i'm not as strong as you)


    Its the insurance companies job to protect you.....and THEMSELVES. When an insurance company cannot sue someone it puts them in a hard place. They HOPE you are just dealing with them directly so they can slide it under the carpet best way possible.

    If you have not already, you need an attorney.

    Just my 2 pennies.

  4. I forgot bout that... even stored I remove my collision but keep the comp for like 30.00 a year.

    Not to be a dick cause my heart really goes out to this dude.... No way I would have a ride like that and not have it covered...Nevermind (2) of em....:eek:
  5. Wow, I almost cried when I got down to the fire. Then to see the fox you owned since age 17 actually made a tear come out... Your new cobra looks pretty darn nice, but Im sure its much nicer now that we are a year and half later from those pics. Get to posting!
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  6. Funny because I felt the exact same way before it actually happened to me. But when faced with it, you have a choice of crying over it, or moving forward and doing everything better the second time around.

    I have learned many lessons the hard way.

    Knowing how it turns out, I would recommend my insurance company to anyone ;).
  7. Thanks man!

    Everytime I see a saphaire blue Mustang I get a little tear as well.
  8. What are the tentative plans for the new one? Body/Engine/Suspension etc?
  9. Thats a shame, heart breaking pictures. Im glad you have moved on and the new project car looks really sweet
  10. Well in the month of November 09 I found temporary housing and mainly played with the car but the first thing I had to do was get rid of the JUNK hood. I have painted one from this company before and swore I would never touch one again. I don't want to bad mouth anybody, so I'll just say it came from Ohio. It had numerous stress cracks around the hood latch area. It was ready to fly at any time. So I put it on CL and it sold in two hours.

    I also got new hood hinges because the old ones had been bent back from the first hood flying on this car. I was then able to better line up the hood to the fenders.
    Always thought about changing hoods, so I decided to try a Boss Cobra r hood.


    The fit and finish on this hood was very good. Also got a new to me cowl cover.

    While it was a very good quality hood, I ultimately decided it was just too much for the car. I had a hard time even seeing over it.

    Next thing Im getting rid of is the headlights...not my style
  11. Boss uses much too high of a cowl for the 2000 cobra r style hood. It really loses the shape and sexy lines.

    Check out cervinis 2000 cobra r. That's the best looking hood IMO for our cars. Perfect blend of curves that we need. Only the saleen extractor comes close.

    Crazy how so many different 2000 cobra r hood styles are out there. The cowls need to be rounded off lines where as some are like a regular cobra r cowl like u had on the car initially.

    I too was shocked by the pics....I'll definitely be watching this one! Good luck man.
  12. That is a petty clean Cobra, can't wait to see you bring up to it's full potenial.
  13. Yeah that hood just doesn't look right. I think my favorite combo is the Cervini Cobra R hood with the regular Cobra bumper or Stalker bumper with Stalker rocker panels, S281 spoiler and factory Cobra rear bumper. All black.
  14. Couldn't agree more, Great minds think alike. Wanted to do something different from the previous car, but I guess there was a good reason I picked the parts I did.
  15. Moving to January 2010 I was cleared to move my old car out of the house, So we drug it out and I took it to a friend's 2 car garage.
    It was there I salvaged the following parts.
    Complete engine, supercharger, long tube headers, tubular k member, a-arms, brakes, tremec tko500, bellhousing, aluminum flywheel, clutch, spindles and exhaust.

    I did not take any pics as I didn't want to be reminded of having to take a torch to a car I put so much into.

    I was able to store all the parts at work and then we hauled the car off to scrap.

    March-2010 I went back with my original and ordered a Cervini Cobra R hood again. I just think its the best looking hood for the 94-98s. The quality and finished underside make it a clear choice to go with again.

    April-2010 I wetsanded and buffed the car, lined the hood up and took it to the Spring Rod Run for a last ride before tearing it down.


    Next up... tear down begins
  16. So what does your car look like today???? The suspense is killing us!
  17. Its far from finished but I'm getting you caught up as fast as I can.
  18. Surprised you were able to salvage what you did. looks like it got pretty hot in there. Following this build though.
  19. Thanks guys! Its weird that most of the garage was burned pretty bad but the lower stuff was, the less damaged. I had plastic screw drivers in the bottom of my tool box that were as good as new. The fire traveled up the walls to the attic so fast. The car melted but the drivetrain really wasn't hurt. The fiberglass hood was completely intact. I even had to break the latch to open it. I'll be posting some pics of the parts as I go.

    I almost forgot, I have one more piece from my old car that will be going on the new one. The 281 Kaneen spoiler. Luckily I had pulled it off the car to fix a chip and it missed the fire.

  20. Well in April 2010 we closed out the insurance portion of this story. They took care of us in the end.
    We also had to move to different housing, so we rented a 2 bedroom trailer until we could rebuild. But it happened to have a little carport. Which meant it was time to start tearing into the 94.

    First thing I wanted to get out of the way was the wiring. This car had some splices,melted plugs, lights that didn't work and a drain that would run the battery down if it sat. So I wanted to get that fixed and go ahead and hide all my engine bay wires, relocate my battery, and put in my kill switch. Plus I could eliminate any wires I won't be needing with the setup Im going to be running.

    First needed to disconnect the wires and install a hood lift kit.

    Moved the fuse box and hood latch cable inside the fenderwell.

    Need a bigger hole to run the 1/0 welding cable through

    Onto passenger side...time to pull all this through a tight hole into the interior.

    Onto the trunk with new battery box.