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  1. ^ WTF are you talking about lol another uninformed Roush know it all hahahaha j/k man. Anyways that is the real thing and I am embarrassed I am a Roush owner after that. Either way my S3 will be worth more now after that showing. I hope they fired the person who came up with that design and COMPLETELY START OVER.....
  2. Say it ain't so Jack, say it ain't so!!!!!!

    Oh crap, it is true. What a joke. THey release their car as a 2 dollar Photoshop???? Again, what a joke.

    It funny how much of a big deal this early release has become, and then 4 hours before it, the picture is on here.

    Like you said Justin, our cars will be worth more now!!

    BTW, if anyone wants to read, this has caused some anger with the Roush owners:
  3. To think I was going to sell my S3 and order a 05 GT and have it dropshipped at Roush....sure am glad I scratched that idea...However I do feel it will look better when finished and in person but will not look as good as anyone ever thought....they just need to COMPLETELY START OVER...
  4. that is f u c k i n g ugly
  5. I don't mean to be mean. But did you expect them to drop the style ground effects they have been using for the last few years? I didn't.
  6. SVT, we obvously have different opinions on the 99-04 Roush's.

    On the Roush, I LOVE the: GFX, the wing, the rims, and especially the side-exhaust. Its why I got my car, and not a Saleen.

    But this car doesn't follow any of those lines. The wing looks like its from Saleen, the side-skirts are non-existent, and there's no damn side-exhaust!!
    The rims look good though.
  7. its just a prototype drawing, so im 99% sure it wont look like that. Told ya though :D
  8. ^It wont if us Roush owners along with potential buyers keep complaining and give them new and better ideas on how to fix the mistakes they made with that design...
  9. Does anyone actually like it? From every thread ive read on every forum so far, NO ONE likes it.
  10. NOPE...many are waiting for the actual car to make that decision and I think it will be much better but the design still needs work...

    The back however looks TIGHT!!! but bad thing is it has to change a little cause Roush got rid of their signature side exit exhaust...the bumper says Roush on it which is cool (where Mustang usually is)

    oh and there is another pic that is freaking crazy stupid and you would never believe me its true even if I were Jack himself...
  11. honestly, jack doesnt have much at all to do w/ roush mustangs
  12. This we know ... sadly. :nonono:
  13. thats a shame that he has a car named after him but almost doesn't care about it where as steve saleen is very involved in the development of his saleen mustangs thats why the saleen is considered to be today what shelby was in the 60's
  14. If these are the real photos you think roush could have at least hired someone with more than 2 days experience with photoshop. Those look like total crap, not the styling just the photoshop job.
  15. Exactly my thoughts
  16. Ok, I'm waiting for someone to say that this is all a joke. Hmmmmm it's not April 1st........... ?????????
  17. Looks better than the gto :shrug:
  18. Let's count how many people immediately cried :bs: . That has been the general climate of StangNet lately. And then most of you who attacked this person for posting what you "thought" were fake pics never even came back and said "OK, I was wrong". Why is everyone automatically seen as a liar and :bs: on this site the minute they post something? What do these people have to gain from lying to you?

    [rant off]

    I can hear you guys now in the Jerry Springer audience chanting,

    "Go to Oprah, Go to Oprah" :rlaugh:
  19. These pics are SO FAKE it's not even funny, beside he said there Str-8 from
    Roush... :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Yea Mossberg, we don't know why people lie about something like this... some people just needs to act cool... :( :shrug: :rlaugh:

  20. What are you talking about? The pics are from Roush :scratch: