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Discussion in 'Exhaust Parts' started by GatorB, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Due to a career change and a need for sedan, we had to sell our 09 GT. Since we traded at the Lexus dealer, the car was totally stripped back to stock first. All the goodies are listed here. Please let me know if you have any questions or want additional photos. Everything listed is in excellent condition and less than a year old at the most.

    Perfect condition - GT40 staggered wheels and General Tire tires. Wheels are 9" in front with 255/35/18 tires, and 10" in rear with 295/40/18's. Tires are like new, and show no wear! Includes TPS sensors for all late model Mustangs. See the pictures for how awesome these wheels and tires look on the car. They make an amazing difference in the stance and look. Compared to stock wheels and tires, I felt these were much better ride for everyday driver. At this price, they are a great deal for this condition. New the wheels were $630 and the tires another $1000 for these sizes, TPS & bands almost $100 each. Asking $1100 for the set. (In my pics, the blue Stang is lowered 2" with a Roush stage 3 suspension system, the silver is stock height. no rubbing on either car.)

    Billet Upper Grill. This is the heavy duty stainless steel grill, not the cheap pot metal ones. Has lifetime manufacturer's warranty: $150
    Billet Lower Grill: Matches above, same quality and warranty from manufacturer: $75
    Will sell the grills as a set for $200 (They are installed on the Silver 09 GT in the photos.)

    Mustang fitted car cover and bag: $40

    SCT Handheld programmer: Will require unlocking, which I heard runs $50 - $100. This is the SCT Xcalibrator. Asking $50.

    Photos are here: http://s1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa421/GatorBoudreaux/Mustang%20Parts/

    fordracing at cox.net

    Call or text - 352-575-882 two
  2. All parts are currently located in Gainesville FL.
  3. Do you still hav the corsa axle backs?
  4. I still have the Corsa's, but I do have someone local interested in looking at them. At this point, first one with money wins, I just want them out of my garage at this point.

    I also updated the listing above with the items I've already sold.

  5. Do you accept paypal? I can buy them today. let me know
  6. Paypal works for me. Shoot me a PM with your zip and I can calculate shipping to you.
  7. I posted a message on your profile.
  8. if you still havent sold them let me know
  9. Corsa's still available?
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