Roush Saleen recognizes SCOA as the sole NATIONAL SALEEN CLUB

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  1. Message from the Saleen Club of America:

    Most of you know, since our club started in 2003, we were not officially recognized by Saleen as a National Club and were not supported by the company - only until recently were we given any support for our events in sponsorship fees.

    Our clubs purpose is to provide the members with activities, communications and information about Saleens and to live up to our motto "Fun, Friendships and Saleens".

    During a recent trip we made to Troy MI to meet with Saleen Performance Vehicles, our club and it's position was discussed with the new owners.

    Today, we are happy to announce Saleen Performance Vehicles has recognized the Saleen Club of America as the sole Saleen supported & recognized national club.

    Mike Shields, CEO of Saleen PV, has shown his support and recognition of the SCOA by listing us as the only Saleen club on their website Untitled Document. In addition, the 2010 Saleen Warranty book will include our club contact information and be the only Saleen club listed.

    Also, with each new Saleen vehicle, owners will receive information about our club in a Special Edition of PoweRRR, which they will find in their trunk. The Special Edition will be an overview of the club, it's events and members, plus on the back page, a special Membership Application with a (1) year free membership to the Saleen Club of America.

    This is a major milestone in our club and shouldn't be treated lightly.

    We also want to extend an invitation to members of other Saleen clubs to join with us, have some FUN, makes some FRIENDSHIPS and enjoy our Saleens.

    In the October 2009 issue of PoweRRR, you can read about the discussion, the agreement and meet Mr. Shields and his staff.

    Charlie Smith, President
    Saleen Club of America
    Saleen Club of America  - it's all about Fun, Friendships & Saleens
  2. That's great news Mike.

    What's really neat is that the SCOA is a real car club with people in it just for the pure enjoyment of owning and showing a Saleen car, and hanging with others for the great times.

    We are recognized for this only, as most know even without Saleen in the past we have outgrown at a faster pace all of the other saleen clubs out there without the help or backing of of Saleen Inc and Steve Saleen. And we will continue even if there was no official Saleen Inc anymore.

    With or without Saleen INC or Steve Saleen, the SCOA is and always will be a stand alone club.

    This just gives us more of an opportunity to reach more people the right way and not let them get ignored or brushed under the rug, as in the past,as with other Saleen groups who would never contact new owners or would take money and never respond to phone calls, emails, or letters.

    Our Club is about the owners and their cars, not just a fan club to get signatures and posters from the Saleen Celebs, or we don't promote the few who have or are treating themselves like ultra privelidged Saleen SMS groupies. This kind of thing makes most of us sick just thinking about it View attachment 244609 , especially when an online mag is posted and in every picture there is some lady who claims to be a club president for life showing off a few of her precious cars at every show and hanging on the Saleens.