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  1. I have a yahoo IM acct. but my Mom doesn't have YIM installed on this computer, I'll ask if she wants it, they are asleep already. Sorry...

    Edit: I'm also having to use her laptop to surf, that storm last weekend apparently wiped out the modem in the desktop. Laptop+Dial-up = Sloooooooow....
  2. Whoa our posts are comfused now! Anyway, I'm still up so I can check your post (you told me too! lol). Came all the way back downstairs to turn the laptop on and check.. Anyway, goin' to bed now. I'll talk to ya in the morning!
  3. Sure, you guys are IM'ing around and generally just passing Bravo-Sierra; while I'm out here trying to get a condenser core fan for the Ram 1500.

    At least I got the battery replaced. OEM battery, it died after 4 years - obviously, I haven't stuffed my usual radio gear in that truck (per Mrs StDr's request).

    Meanwhile, I found oyut the factory e-fan on the A/C condenser crapped out. Dealer item, it's getting replaced with a Flex-a-Lite.
  4. I been wrenching myself... Installed a TCI trans cooler and slim-line fan on my '95 F-150 today, I'll wire in the tranny and water temp guages tomorrow, along with the trans shift controller. If it rains we gotta pound the dents out of the dirt track toy, and build a new passenger side bar and make some new sheetmetal and decals. Sat. Night was a rough night at the track...
  5. y'all just shut up. I don't get to wrench for another month. And I still have to clean all Trish's crap out. Of which I am enlisting the aid of her family for.

    Stgdr, can I borrow the ford?

    I'll loan you the new toy.

  6. Hmmmmm, I'm going to be heading that way soon. Supposedly getting e-fans on my "new-to-me" '02 F150 is worth 5-15 ponies, so they're first. The Troyer units are less expensive, but I don't like their mounting arrangement. The FAL unit is much better, but I'm still trying to find somebody that will charge me less than 400 bux. :eek: After that, I'll start saving up to talk to Troyer about their $1k CAI/exhuast/tuner package.
    Uh oh..... I take it Trish didn't tell you what happened to her S-10 until after you let her drive the dirt-track car :p
  7. Is this what I can expect with Mustanggurl down the road?

    (there, added my Hi-Jack!)
  8. Probably yes. Maybe worse, since you're on the East Coast.

    Look at it this way, I'm going through it for the second time with Jessie.:nonono:

    'Bout time
  9. Trish did tell me about her S-10. Nah, somebody got turned around in the A Feature and knocked into the passenger side of the car, tearing a big hole in the side and flattening a tire.

    As for the fans, yeah I need to go all-electric on my truck. I only put in a 10" pusher on the new tranny cooler itself. I don't know if I'd recommend the TCI cooler/fan combo from summit. The cooler fit like a glove (I don't think I can physically fit anything larger up in front of my rad) and the fan is amazingly quiet, but it was missing some mounting tabs when I got it, was supposed to come with 8, I only got 3. I got it to work anyway, but it would have been less hassle with all the hardware...

    My dad has an '04 250 now (5.4 3 valve). He likes it, tows a lot with the thing. All they did was a superchips tuner flash and that's it.
  10. No Kttn, I know comms isnt the greatest between us for a lot of reasons but I'd really prefer what few possessions I do have to my name not be labeled CRAP....

    As far as the rest of the forum goes...
    Ah yes, but its really not that bad unless you guys took pics of the after wreck.

    And just think you've still got some time before round three with Matt....:D
    I'm off to bed, still not quite right on the speaker set up but thats alright we're getting closer every day.

  11. My thinking re: an e-fan on my F150 (5.4 with the infamous *but not yet recalled* pre- '03 "plug-spitter" heads) is that anything I can do to decrease parasitic drag on the engine is a good thing. The OHC Fords are far from a Windsor in the torque department (especially the 2-valve versions); and getting rid of a twelve-blade fan and 11 lb fan clutch (yeah, they're stock) can get rid of a lot of of the robbery! A little less load on the motor means a little less pressure on the gas pedal at stoplights, even when running empty :nice:

    As far as the tranny cooler goes, both Troyer and FAL claim their units (with fan) can be mounted almost anywhere they can get cool air - let the fan move the air.
    The 250-350's have a lot better airbox than the '99-03 150's. And the "corrugated" section of tube right after the airbox (on the 150) certainly doesn't help my cause at all.
    As far as the exhaust goes, other than the addition of cats in the y-pipe, the factory '02 exhaust looks very much like the '72 F100 factory exhaust - right down to the 25-gallon-oil-drum they made into a muffler. Now that's kinda cool if you're trying to hide the sound of a tweaked FE 406; but again, let that little 330 cid cammer breathe a little.

    Oh shut up! :mad:
  12. East Coast problem solving

    Look out, or we'll "Whack" you!:uzi:
  13. Shall I start sharpening my axe? :scratch:
  14. Hey now; in addition to being a first-gen descendent of the Upstate New York tribe of the Goddamn Yankee clan; I'm also the grandson (Mom's side) of the 1940's=50's Philadelphia "Jeweler to the Siciliani"; "Gilly Dee". Apparently, the Siciliani couldn't pronounce "Devendorff"; so Grandpop received a new professional moniker.

    So, WHO you gonna whack? :D

    Yeah, this 'neck has some roots :p

    Got the FAL fan installed on the the Ram 1500's A/C condenser. Outta be a write-up somewhere; but I'm not a member of any Dodge truck forums, and I'm not quite ready to type it out without liberal use of the term PITA!

    Trish: Steve Hooper drove up just to see what I was doing - bad timing for him, but good luck for me! :nice: He was an extra pair of hands for "over-the-fender work while Matty handled bracketry from under the truck. And, for cutting the shroud to fit the new fan, Steve produced his latest toy, a Ryobi cordless "roto-zip" tool. Since it uses the same batteries that all my Ryobi cordless stuff uses, I know what my next trip to Home Depot is gonna produce :D

    Gotta go: we're going out to saddle up a couple of the hay-burners; then I'm going to try to figured out what caused Herschell's golf cart to die.

  16. The new speakers are in

    OMG! Their finally done after a week and a day of working on this project my truck has music in the front again and Oh my goodness they sound far more excellent then stock, and stock was pretty damn good for what it was. Will be posting the pics to car domain and then here later tonight. WOOT WOOT!!


  17. WTH?????

    You got a cardomain account and you didn't tell me?

    EDIT to add an OBTW: You went and threadjacked my threadjack without even posting a comment on my threadjack. :mad:
    Sheese!(Copyright 1999 Jefferson Davis Dickson/Hacks-R-Us)
    Kids these days! :rolleyes:

    Maybe if I had mentioned that I was going to fix Sharon's walker before climbing in the saddle, I'd get a response......
  18. Eh- Some people's kids...

    the cardomain page isn't quite finished yet, still need to add a lot of pics and couple of other things. Hell, don't even think the thing is public yet.

    And as far as your threadjack that I threadjacked back to being MY spotlight, so there! What can I say I kinda like being the center of attention. Tee hee hee!

    You know I'm not one for a lot of attention dad, but when i want it I get it...enough said.

    But don't tell svtcobra that...:D
  19. Oh yeah, I know....... and you have the temerity to ask where Jessie learned those tricks?

    Okay, I won't tell him that; but he'll probably figure it out fairly soon. Seems pretty smart, other than that whole "jumping out of a perfectly servicable airplane" thing :p Remember, your Grandpa used to laugh about the 505th PIR ("The regiment BEFORE the Airborne") guys who were all eager to jump out of his C47 before it got shot up :lol:
  20. Tactically inserts EOD and CE dust bunnies to destroy said spotlight. Amazing the tricks they teach dust bunnies over here.

    I think I'll stick to my superford pic hosting for now.