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  1. i can't decide between a kb1700 or an ati p1sc intercooled centi. What do you think I will produce the most power with? What would be better for my car 6.5 psi nonintercooled from the kb or 8-10 psi intercooled with the ati. I know that it is recommended only to run 6-8 with the stock shortblock but the intercooler should allow for the extra 2 psi right? Thanks
  2. The Procharger will definately make more power...the KB is limited to about 415-420rwhp...but the KB is a much more fun street blower from what I've seen since the boost is there as soon as you mash the pedal down...
  3. what do you recommend though?
  4. My experience is the KB is more reliable and and less maintenance so if your putting on miles and driving it daily go for it!

    If it is a weekend car and you will be putting less miles on it and plan on keeping the car less than two to three years go for the Procharger, it has more power potential.

    JMO :shrug:
  5. I know it wasnt one of your choices - but IMO, the D1SC is a much better buy than the P1SC. Might as well spend the few extra from the start. D1SC is an animal, get the largest pulley if you want low boost - but what room to grow this blower will leave you with. I know of many people (including myself) who started off with the P1SC then ended up paying the 1200 to upgrade it to the D1

  6. Oops, actually I just saw that you have a 99...not sure how those work with the 1.7L KB...I know the 96-98's are really limited because of the intake that they come with and the lack of an intercooler...
  7. i really like the intercooler though. 6 psi is about the max that I can run non intercooled especially in alabama where the temp is always high. I have pretty much convinced myself that the ATI is for me at this point. I am now wondering 8psi or 10? The guy at ATI says that since the kit is intercooled 10 psi will be just fine for my car. I drive like a bat out of hell though thats the thing. What you guys think? He tells me that I will see 70% gain which would put me at like 550 horses at the crank which I think is a little much. Of course the stock 80mm needs to go as it is pinned at 400 horsepower.
  8. the d1sc? which is that I was looking at the p1sc too but what is the diff? any inf would be great! I like the intercooled setup too for near 5k right?
  9. can you get an intercooler for the kb. i was going to get on efor my car but i would like to get a cooler for it as well just because it is a little safer.
  10. go with the kb or you are crazy...

    the KB supercharger HP listings are listed in rear wheel horsepower.
    if you are going to get the KB intercooled I would suggest getting the 2.2l tuned down to 9# then you are able to upgrade to about 650 RWHorsies when your moter gives up (and it will;with any supercharger).

    (now the hard part is figuring out what bank to hit) :lol:
  11. D1SC has a curved impeller. Has a HUGE and I mean huge top end charge. Also, it flows more cfm than the P1SC. The DOHC's seem to respond much better with the D1's. You can check out this chart for more info. Even though the numbers on the chart arent a huge difference, trust me it is. I gained 100rwhp from the change-over from the P1sc to the D1sc in my 98

  12. I have exactly 5000 for the complete package and for misc stuff like injectors and boost gauge so the intercooled version of the KB is a no go. I haven't really heard anyones straightforward opinion on the two. I just think that the ati procharger may be a little safer for my motor don't you think? The way I drive my car I'm sure that a non intercooled kb wont cut it.
  13. i never had any expierence with kb, but if i were u i'd go with the P1SC. i've got it and love it. great power and good sound. kb are tough on the motors cause your most of the time in boost. plus for approx 4500 u can be all said and done completely with the P1SC. call dallas mustang they have a real good price on the procharger. but dont let them rip u off for the 42lb steeda injectors. they want 389, but steeda sells them for 300 :shrug: .

  14. You can tell you don't have experience with a roots/screw type are only really in boost if you get on it (i.e. full throttle)...Normal driving conditions with positive displacement blowers isn't much different than not having a blower...
  15. so the procharger prevails?
  16. I's a much cheaper setup and you'll get more power out of it...
  17. With a D1 on a 99 4v full bolt ons on slicks and skinnies,<373 gear in back> what would be the 1/4 time? Car weighs about 3200 with me in it.