1. What size "big brakes" are you going to swap on? Going with 13" front rotors from the SN Cobra's?
  2. Yes,.. excepting the jy spindles,.. all parts courtesy of rockauto.com.

    I still gotta buy the axles,.. and the rear calipers, the core charges were just too high on the rears,..(not actually having cores in the first place) ill get some jy rear calipers,.. and rebuild them if they need it,... NRC brackets,.. and whatever axles it needs will come from a reman supplier.
  3. When the 6 cylinder Falcons came out in the late 60's there was an article in Hot rod Magazine about a guy that did just what you wrote about. He sawed off the cast on intake manifold and had a flat plate furnace brazed to the head surface where the old manifold had been. That allowed him to build his own long runner 4 barrel carb intake manifold. It's amazing how everything old becomes new again...
  4. Well, clearly,.. its already been done before (which is a good thing,...i'd hate to waste all that time for some stupid assed folly)
    The new dilemma is trying to find a 250 as a donor for the future surgery.
    There is all kinds of hard data out there on these combos,...turbo'd at 16-18psi is netting 440hp @4300rpm,..w/
    460 Ft/Lbs. Of torque starting at 2600 rpm,... and running flat through 4400rpm.
    Needless to say,..im pretty excited about getting one of them to start on.

    Unfortunately,.. the 200 that'll be in the car will not work for that because of the lack of a SBF bell housing pattern. I could use it,... but I'll be relegated to having to adapt the engine to allow a t-5 as my only trans option,..w/a 9" clutch being the only clutch that will fit the adapted trans. So,......... ill have to find either a 250, or look hard at a 300.
  5. There's probably a guy in the middle of nowhere that has about 3 250s and they probably all run. The only problem is that he probably doesn't even know what the internet is, has never seen a cell phone, and probably only has 1 rotary phone in his house...on the wall, in the kitchen, by the back door. lol
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  6. You're probably right. The things were used in just about every passenger car throughout the 60's, and 70's, up until the early 80's. Naturally aspirated, the things are pig's. How ford decided that they needed an even smaller, slower, less powerful piglet to offer at the same time as that one makes me wonder.
    My wife had a 78 Merc Comet that had one,.. I should be able to find one. Problem is,.. the damn things look just like the stupid 3.3 that is in my Fairmont. The only way to tell them apart,.. is by the number of bolts holding the water pump on,.. and that will probably be covered by a fan,.. pulley,.. and belt every time I go looking.
    Ford didn't use a reliable casting number on them to help,....they put a little metal tag like is on a rearend to tell the diff.
    (like that little metal tag is still gonna be on 40 years after the fact.)
  7. I looked into putting a 300 into a falcon years ago. I think the problem was block height and the mounts are different?????? Something to check before you rob one out of an F150.
  8. Its the height that's the main problem. That, and the fact that it can't take any kind of abuse in stock form (read really crappy cast pistons) turbocharging it would be begging for trouble.
    Try as I may to avoid it, the low budget, buy it and go alternative keeps coming around to a LS engine swap.
    The mounts are no problem,...if only it would be so easy.
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  9. OK........ View attachment 126057 ......... dance.gif ............ View attachment 126059 ( Excuse me a minute while I get my groove on) View attachment 126060 ........ View attachment 126061 ........ View attachment 126062

    I've been killing time,..waiting on the damn Fairmont to get here,...and that leaves me far too idle, w/ too many scenarios running through my head.

    Over the past 10 days, I've found several other forums to research each whacko idea that pops up in my head as it comes along. So far, I'm a member on a ranger forum, turbo ranger forum, an LS forum, a turboford forum, a inline six ford forum, AND a fairmont forum. ( and that is in addition to the several mustang forums i was always a member of)

    looked at doing a LS swap, and radically modifying the cast iron six that is in the car, and turboing it. I've looked at suspension forums to learn more about panhard bars, and torque arms. I've looked at numerous after market part supplier web pages to secure the best price for what I will buy as this thing marches along.

    Over the last few days,..I've become enamored w/ the prospect of putting a turbocharged Duratec 2.3 attached to an obscure little 5 speed auto trans called a 5R 55. (Let me correct myself) I've become obsessed w/ the notion of putting an all aluminum, turbocharged, sequentially fuel injected, distributorless little engine in a lightweight chassis set up to corner like a slot car.

    So today I call a salvage yard,..put on my waders,...and start piling on the shi t to the owner of that yard.

    He likes my idea,..says he can let me have a complete running 07' 2.3/5R55 w/ all the accessories harness, and computers,..and a rear out of a 96 GT for the bargain priced sum of..............................1200.00

    I know,...right? It seems like a "Why haven't I ran over there and got it yet" kind of decision,...and believe me,...I'm just about there. I would've went over this week and picked it up, but we got big wigs coming in from out of town,...and all early days have been revoked for the week,..so I got to tuff it out. I am working this weekend so I can pay for it,...so I can't go then either.

    Maybe I'll give the guy a deposit to hold the stuff. But I may be able to get it for even less if I meet him in person first.:ninja:
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  10. git yew sum.
  11. I like the idea. Improve the turn in a bunch dropping the weight off the nose. Even more if you move the engine back some when you install it.

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  12. inane comment so I can find and follow this thread more easily.
  13. As far as the pistons, I'd consider upgrading them before adding much boost to anything. Yes, the hyper whatever pistons take more than cast, but I do not think it is worth the risk past an atmosphere.
    The 4 cyl is an interesting idea in the light car. But to quote Tim Allen, "more power!". It you do not turbo the 6, GO V8.
  14. So there's still no car? Sheesh. That's poor service.

    And you are going to turbo the 4 cyl, right?
  15. yeah, I thought they were gonna pick it up last Saturday, but that fell through. Still waiting.

    hell yeah it's gonna get a turbo. A2w intercooler, meth injection boost retard,...you know,....the standard stuff.
  16. Nope, I'm firmly in bed w/ the duratec. Its a fraction of the work that would be involved w the i6, and makes 1.5 times power in n/a form at less weight. The fact that its well supported in the after market means I'll be able to do what I want performance wise, w/o having to fabricate jack.
  17. That means I will not be copying when I do this to Grandpa's truck, Diplomat, or an old Falcon. I am sure it will turn out nice whatever you do.

    Quote="madmike1157, post: 8751202, member: 162211"]Nope, I'm firmly in bed w/ the duratec. Its a fraction of the work that would be involved w the i6, and makes 1.5 times power in n/a form at less weight. The fact that its well supported in the after market means I'll be able to do what I want performance wise, w/o having to fabricate jack.[/quote]
  18. Tjat[/quote]

    Hey, I gotta admit, I struggled w/ the whole notion of going backwards displacement wise. It was that, or an LS engine, because economics are the driving force behind my decision. I know that an LS would've been a done deal in the power for dollar category vs the little engine I chose,...but would've excluded me from participating in any ford based clubs, cruises, and shows.
    I have this combo in my Ranger,...and coupled to the 5 speed auto trans that's behind it,..I cannot say that the thing is a pig to drive. (Actually, when your foot is on the floor,..the close ratio 5 speed shifts so smoothly, and so quickly,..it's almost fun) I don't know how much a Ranger weighs,...but I'll guarantee that the Fairmont is waay lighter. And after the turbo install,...I'll quickly forget that it's only half a V8. Well except every time I stop at a gas station............uhhh correction,...every time I dont have to stop at a gas station.:banana:
  19. Air to water AAAND meth? interesting.

    It'll also be interesting to see how our budgets shape these builds. I'm still shooting for sub-10K, have you set a number on yours, or just as cost effective as possible?