Seafoam is teh *****!

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  1. I just used seafoam...I love the results!
    Literally :hail2: .
    If you have any questions, ask here, ill try to help. You'll be shocked at how it makes you car seem awake. Mine has 84k miles, and feels like it revs like the day it was made.

  2. Sweet.
  3. WTF is that?
  4. never heard of it til reading these boards. but i may give it a try just cause i hear its a nice smoke show :D
  5. I have a question where do i get some and where do i put it in my stang?
  6. Here is the official website for SeaFoam

    I have used it also and it does work very well...I bought it at my local autoparts store in with all the other engine treatments...I believe it cost around $4-5.
  7. I payed $5 at autozone. It is a can that looks like it is strait outta the 70s.

    I used it though the pvc valve on my 99 Gt. Same on a freinds 04 Grand Am Gt (High Miles for a 04).

    You add this through your pvc valve or any vaccum that will feed all 8 cylinders. Let it suck in about 1/3 - 1/4 a can. While doing this, you need to make sure you do it very slowly, because the engine is not breathing very well with a liquid going through the intake. Basicly as the engine sounds like it is going to die, remove the liquid so that it gets some air and stays alive. Then turn you car off. The bottle recomends leting it sit for 5 min, but I went 15. What it does is, it goes throughout your engine, and breaksdown extra gump and carbon buildup you engine has (the older/more miles the more you'll have). So during this time where the car is off, it is literally eating away at that crap you dont want.

    When you start the car back up (it might be alittle rough at first) you will begin losing all of the seafoam and carbon/gump out of your exhaust. This results in white smoke. You can let it just exit your car while sitting there in idle, but you will have to be reving the car alil. I chose to drive it to keep the smoke away from my house. It will literally look like your smoking your tired the entire trip. You get alot of looks lol.

    After all the smoke is gone, it is safe to return back and turn the car off. Let it sit for about a half hour.

    The car really comes alive. My exhaust is much louder and more toned, as my engine is running much smoother. Revs are smooth as hell. The first time i reved it, i hit the limiter because i wasnt used to revs flying up that fast. Acceleration is also much much smoother. SOTP feeling is a major thumbs up after.

    Not really a mod, but probally the best thing u can do with $5 on a older car.
  8. tyvm for the write-up!!!! :D
  9. Well looks like i will be heading to auto zone
  10. Enyone put it in their gas tank or crank case? Also looks like im going to autozone to get some to.
    :nice: :nice:
  11. I think I have heard someone mention they ran it in their gas tank....but I'm not sure.
  12. It is made to be used 3 ways. In the intake, In the gas, and in the oil. I didnt do it through the gas yet, but it does the same as any other injector cleaner. The oil is also anouther very good idea to do it through, but I am going to wait tilll about 100-200 miles before my next oil change.
  13. I have heard a lot of good things about this product , and nothing bad so far. I guess I question where the carbon and gunk goes ? You stated you saw a lot of white smoke. Did a lot of greasy gunk come out of the tailpipe ? Or, is the stuff now mixed up in the crankcase oil ?
  14. Huh....I've always just mixed 4-liters of transmission fluid/1-liter of Varsol to do my engine flushes. I guess the Sea Foam might be cheaper route though. :shrug:
  15. Sounds fun. I got 3,000 miles on it though, dont think I will be needing it YET.
  16. I used it and it messed with my car for awhile. My car would stick at a certain RPM but about 2 weeks later... It went away and no problems after...
  17. so can this stuff fo sho be used in the air intake? and are there different kinds, or can i just go into any parts store and say "gimme some seafoam"? :shrug:
  18. Yes, on the bottle it says you can use it in the PCV/intake, oil, and gas tank. Personally though, if I wanted to clean the intake, I'd get the throttle body cleaner and clean just the TB gunk.
    And I think all parts stores have this stuff in their additives section, and there's only one kind.
  19. Supposably seafoam, or a parent company has a spray form for spraying into your throttle body/plenum. Normal seafoam DOES not go through your air intake (filter/piping) it goes into you intake manifold. However on a mustang, you want to do it through a vacum hose. On a SN95+ you'll want to do it through the PVC valve. On a 5.0, you want to do it through the brake booster line.

    Like I said, I havnt done the gas or oil yet, so I have no experience with either yet.

    As for gunk coming out of the exhaust, none that I can see. But thats most likely because of the clouds and clouds of white smoke coming out of the exhaust. Supposable the carbon buildup is broken down so much it becomes part of the smoke.