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  1. The only possible problem I've heard about with the steel frame hoods is differential expansion of the steel and glass when heated over time causing visible imperfections in the surface of the hood. I've only used glass/glass in the past though so I haven't seen this phenomenon myself. I usually bag on people who post hearsay, so for whatever it's worth...:rolleyes:

    I'd also like to speak with this mysterious Canadian. Post the info!
  2. my input on fiberglass parts

    this is my first time delving into mustang fiberglass parts but i have been dealing with fiberglass in the import scene for a while.

    i have bought cheap hoods (or fenders, or bumpers, or body kits) and expensive ones. THEY ALL FIT LIKE CRAP!

    i shelled out $700 for a hood for my prelude and it didn't fit any better than one that cost $200 that i put on a civic. everything required extensive modification to smooth it out or align the gaps properly. these parts are hand laid, so every piece is different. it would not be cost effective to have a high level of quality control. i have never had one that is extremely short though, that seems like it would suck.

    when i buy all the fiberglass for my mustang i am probably gonna get all my stuff from unlimited produts in hisperia, because their stuff is the cheapest i have found (not to mention, it is on the way from california to vegas!)

    hope this helps

  3. Here is "The Canadian" 's name and number. Dave Brownlow, Brownlow Performance, 604-942-6719. He builds the hoods himself. Please only call him if you are serious about a Shelby hood. You'll pay about the same as a Branda and I can assure you his hood much better. I know, I recently bought both. Remember he also does 67 Shelby fiberglass also. If you are in the Portland area and would like to check out his work, e-mail me. The car should be back from paint in 2-3 weeks.

    Thanks Historic for the picture tip, I'll give it a try.

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  4. Attempt # 1 for first Stangnet photo.


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  5. Oops! pretty big. Does size really matter? Attempt #2

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  6. I got my hood from Vintage Mustangs in SLO CA. My hood is very nice. The shop owner has a source for these hoods and the guy only gets a couple of them a year... Mike the owner use to prep shelby cars for Delta Bay and stocks some real quality parts. (805) 547-0289... I will see if I have a pic of my hood...
  7. This worked well.


    Another method is to browse at ImageShack and when the link pops up - select the choice you want - then copy and paste the link on your post and it will appear full size. Keep the pics to less than 600 pzls wide so they do not mess up the structure of the thread by being to large.

    Good Luck. Here is another that has been up a few times and is one of my favorites......................


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  8. Historic: Like the the pics.
  9. Historic, is the space under the hood scoop painted the same color as the body (i.e., blue) or did you paint it black? Also, do you have hood scoops? If so, did you close them off or make them functional?
  10. i have 67 fastback with fiberglass shelby hood from mustangs plus hood was a joke wish i hadnt put on car body guy who painted car begged me not to but i did plus kept stock steel hood as long as you dont want to show your car at cra shows go ahead also mustangs plus dont order fiberglass from
  11. I bought a glass 67 Shelby style hood for my coupe but resold it since it was crap. Then I bought (eBay) an original steel hood with the 67 Shelby style scoop "professsionally" bonded to it that was " ready for paint". And after an additional 20 hours of work it is finally ready for paint.
  12. Thankyou! I find myself in the same boat and am hoping he also does a 67 Shelby Short hood with a metal frame too ... including louvres! - TnTsDaD in PA
  13. I was researching online about a fiberglass hood suppliers and always heard good things about stangaholics restoration fiberglass hoods. If I buy anymore fiberglass for my car I am going with these guys.
  14. i have been using stang- aholics for some time now and i am quite happy with the results. you can by a cheaper hood but i have to wonder why they are cheaper? there is two bassic ressins that are normaly used for fiberglass parts, ISO ressins and ORTHO ressins. ISO ressins are normaly used in making boats when strength is a must. ORTHO ressins are a very cheap ressin that breaks down very quickly ,warps with heat and is used simply because it is inexpensive. not many shops use ISO because of the cost .i have used enough fiberglass from different companies to spot the differences . ISO ressins resist heat and warpage much beter than ORTHO .a hood made with ORTHO ressins left setting on a bench in the hot sun will bow around the bench and will become soft to the point that you can almost push your finger through it, ask me how i know. i would ask any supplier what type of ressins are used in there parts.if they will not tell you they are probably using ORTHO so a cheap hood may be just that.