She's almost ready!!! pics inside!

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  1. Well, I never posted a thread that I remember (its been so long) about what happened to my car. To make a long story short it blew up on the dyno.:bang: :shrug: :notnice: :bs: :owned: A valve guide head broke off of a valve guide in my brand new ford racing PI heads and ended up cracking my block, bending a rod and ruining a piston. Well everything was takin care of and now it should be done by thursday. I have included a pic of the motor. Its been frustrating not having a car for 5 months but Im so ready to have it back. Before it blew up it made 297rwhp and 327trq.All mods are in my sig.
  2. Is that something you had to pay for or was there a defect.Oh,no BBK valve covers.
  3. I guess it was just a defective part in the head. The machine shop redid both heads so hopefully there is no chance of this happening again. They said what happened with my car is similar to winning the lottery except bad. I would have rather won the lottery! And no I didnt have to pay for anything to be redone.Not my fault it blew up.Really not the shops fault either I guess but if they wanted to get sued they would have asked me to pay for something.
  4. Cool,glad it worked out for you and good luck to you im sure you cant stand it anymore.Have fun!