Single BEST and WORST about your 05+???

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  1. sounds like the bushings are worn out.
  2. #1 Single best thing is chicks dig it!

    #2 I'm Married j/k :jester:
  3. The best: I smile everytime I look at/drive it:D This is a fun car to drive...anywhere.
    Miles when new:8.7(10/29/06)
    Miles as of last night:33,237(11/11/07)

    The worst: The fact that I have to get out every once and awhile:(
  4. BEST: Sound of the Mac mufflers, and my red stripes (sorry, neither are stock)
    WORST: Lining up the mufflers, all the little rattles inside
  5. the seat does move up/down quite a bit. :shrug:
  6. I keep mine under my left leg.
  7. Wow, thats alot of miles, and alot of love making with your car, obviously when you turn your car on, it does the same for you!!!:D :rlaugh:

    Well I guess I need to drive one huh? I drove an auto V6 in 2005, and was actually impressed with it except that it was missing the front two cylinders...I was driving a 3.8 5spd at that time, and the 05 V6 auto could have kicked its ace all over the place.

    How many winters have you guys driven in, and how does the car do in snow now that it is better balanced then the SN-95 Mustang?
  8. only moves so far.:nice:
  9. 1 so far, but will do it again this year as well. Last winter I had the OEM 18" BFG KDWS. They did ok the 3 times I was out in the snow. Nothing more than 3-4" fell in a single storm, but once I was the first on a few roads early in the morning and encountered no problems...once I got moving. This winter I plan on putting some dedicated snow/ice tires on my fanblades(Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25). It will be intersting to see how my car does with the mods and dedicated winter tires.

    A few pics of my car in the snow and aftermath from last winter.:D

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  10. The only thing that annoys me about my car is the occasional MASSIVE throttle lag one time i floored the car and it took almost a half a second before the throttle opened its a probably that happens maybe like once every 6months but it still annoys me
  11. I am like most people here....

    Best: The power and sound.

    Worst: The Ford rattle gremlins
  12. Hey Kooldawg - Why was your car buried in snow while the garage was freed up? Trying to find out how much snow could accumulate on your baby? LOL
    Best - The excited feeling you get when you decide your gonna take it out on a nice sunny day and listen to the growl of the aftermarket exhaust and having all the admirers stare at it along the way.
    Worst - All the clunks and rattles you get once you start messing around with aftermarket parts. And the cupholders suck!!
  13. Its hard to decide on single best. Tossup between acceleration (eveready rabbit - keeps on going and doesn't run out of steam for my purposes); chassis; creature comforts such as doors locking when I start out; lights coming on as I approach the car and push the unlock button... as if the car were greeting me.

    The one worst thing is easily the right side dash rattle over bumps. There's a thread on that somewhere.
  14. Buy one!

    Best: 1. improved interior, more comfortable
    2. cloth top option - incredible

    1. thin tires and ugly wheels - gone first day
    2. throttle lag
    3. hard to find right sound with exhaust - getting closer though

    The back seat has always been small and when it gets big enough to hold 2
    large people is when I'll look for a different car.

    2007 Mustang GT Conv. black/black/black

    Buy one, you won't regret it. ( buy 2 if you can )

  15. I picked my Alloy '07 GT Convertible April 29, and have 22,000 miles on it now. I love driving it every day. I just got the SCT Xcal3 this past Saturday with economy tune - looks like 2.5 mpg gain, and lost the throttle lag, especially on downshifts.

    On the downside; poor cup holder location, lack of map pockets (I have to keep the Atlas on the back seat), the front seat back doesn't go back to last angle setting when someone gets in the back seat, and no locking gas door/cap.

    But, those are minor compared to the fun of driving it.

  16. Mom's car in the garage. If you look closely at the pic looking at the front of my Stang you can make out my red Jetta(not the grey Maxima acrossed the street)covered as well. It hasn't even been started since last November:rlaugh: 43 MPG and better stereo than the Stang, but very sloppy shifter/clutch and only 90 HP. I don't miss it at all:rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  17. best has to be the looks and performance and interior is a huge upgrade from previous models. worst is the mirrors! im surprized nobody has mentioned that. they are way to big! everytime i look in that direction its like staring into another world, does anyone make a smaller mirror? and the overall size, its a big car coming from an 02gt.

  18. I am going to be doing good to get one. We are saving to pay for it in cash, and not get any more debt. This wealth building thing stinks, but in the end it will be worth it when I have a $5mil+ retirement 35 years from now.:nice:
  19. Best..

    The sound.
    The interior is awesome for me ( I am 6' and 265lbs) and I am wicked comfortable in thier.
    The style


    The rattles
    The transmission whine
    The rear end that has been replaced 4 times on and I only have 14,700 miles on my 06
    Stock suspension and wheels and tires. (Both gone the first week)
  20. I like the size of the mirrors. It fits in with the bigger car over the previous models. Agent 47 makes old school/smaller mirrors for the car. Speaking of bigger, have you noticed the size difference between the running pony fender emblems on the S197s compared to the previous body styles. Also the rocker stripes on the S197s are much taller than before.