So what is an opinion worth in today's market anyway?

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Is everyone entitled to your opinion?

  1. An opinion is nothing more than a POV and should never be taken personally!

  2. Your opinion only counts if it is in agreement with mine.

  3. Yes they are like A-holes, but still shouldn't be treated like sh:t!

  4. Anyone who does such a thing is little more than an inadequate wuss bag and should be banned.

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  1. hey pak, did you ever read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance?

    its been awhile since I have read it but.
    long story short, there was a line in the book where he was discussing someone of faith being told that god does not exist. the person of faith does not argue because he knows through his own faith that he is right.

    Kind of like opinions, no need to argue if you know you are right.

  2. The energy spent is still required to show you that I am right and that you are a poopy head. :D
  3. Good points Route. Another thing to keep in mind also is that SOME people are also way to insecure and easily provoked. You can't even look in some peoples general direction without getting punched in the face these days. Surprisingly it is also usually the same ones who hide behind religious masks. They preach alot and talk a good game, but when it comes to showing it with their actions and actually practicing what they preach, they fall short and suddenly lose their way on lifes path. I have to believe that Christ was very passionate in his beliefs but he never once retaliated, yet is far more noble than anyone I am aware of, IMHO. Granted, he's a hard act to follow and none of us are perfect, but either you believe in religion or you do not and if you do then I firmly believe that only picking and choosing parts of it that suit your needs or can be used as a shield to hide behind is just down right ignorant and hypocritical. You can be the most intelectual person on the planet, but that is only a small part of the equasion and with little moral fiber or conscience to back it up, you simply are of little use to the world.

    Monkey, I haven't read that, but it sounds very interesting, and I agree with the synopsis totally. Probably why I can now say that most if not all of my argueing days are over. :p
  4. IMHO that is pure :bs: , The REAL reason your arguing days are over is because after you were viciously molested by those dinner plates you can no longer out run those who are bigger than you, nor can you give the ones who are smaller a good swift kick in the neck!!! :p

  5. Usually, I find that the following formula works pretty well:

    value of opinion = intelligence X common sense/sense of taste

    Sense of tast can be a value between 1 and 10, with 1 being incredibly GOOD taste, and 10 being awful. Therefore the worse your taste, the more it degrades whatever intelligence and common sense you may have going on. ;)
  6. Interesting formula , or "philosophy" Ricks. makes sense.
    Good taste could be something as simple as , well, lets use discussing Christ as an example. Id have to say poor taste would be , ohhh, maybe discussing how great Christ was while at the same time desecrating His symbolization for the whole world to see. Yeah, thats bad taste. Id have to say that SOMEone who would do that would be a spineless hypocrite, who would only say and do such things from the relative safety of a computer keyboard . Such flaws may not be able to be helped though. Could be in the blood. :shrug: Truth be told though, Id forgive such a person of his transgressions on me ,its what my God calls for. Alas, Im not perfect, and theres always the possibility of my giving in to rage :mad: . But hey, Im only human ! :flag: I try and love everyone. I love all yall ! Thats in good taste..
  7. You freaks should stop already... :D
    He builds his car like he wants it to be, you don't have to see it. You both worship how you want to worship whoever you worship. You shouldn't ridicule each other. You are both being very petty and ignorant... of other people's opinions and lifestyles. Ignore each other. It's not hard. Most important of all... PLEASE stop typing like you are not talking to each other..... you're making baby Jesus cry.

    When he bothered me about my Avatar, I was willing to listen, but I was still going to explain my reasoning. His ears were deaf to it, but most of the other members that spoke up did agree with me. I still changed it, because I'm nice like that. It was just a cartoon penguin someone gave to me. It offended him. I found another penguin that didn't offend him. My life went on. He was right in one thing, it did attack his religion. His religion has been around for quite some time. If you were to say that Penguins in general attack your religion, I would not take you seriously and you can be ignored.

    I'm pretty sure that's why they gave us some sort of "Ignore" feature, so you two would ignore each other and everyone else would not have to live with your constant, childish bickering about "someone" else or how that other "somebody" does this.

    In conclusion, Hopkinator, I have pics of the Nashville show up... they are in a thread titled... oddly enough, "Nashville". It's still on the first page of this very forum, but not for long, because noone else went or replied to it. So feel free to view them before they disappear.
  8. heh heh ( looks sheepishly downward) . I know Penguin , and I agree. Id rather get along , but first he attacks my project ,( often) then alters his avatar as a direct assault on me. Like you said,

    Ok , pick on me, my car, say my dog is ugly , Ill laugh with the best of them .But insults breed hostility . Dont throw them at me and hope that saying "well your a Christian , dont come back on me" will fly .AND even then degrade the most recognizable symbol known. As far as Im concerned, you or anyone else can HATE Eleanor . Okay, of course thats fine by me,,, I hate licorice...others dont, so Sue me.. But dont use it to insult me. :mad: Until the symbols are removed, this will stay heated. Perhaps one day we will discuss our differences in person.
  9. hmm. discusions about religion usually do not go to well.

  10. its a wierd book. There are long periods of side tracked meandering followed by flow charts. Then there will be a a paragraph or two of absolute brilliance. It honestly took me over six months to read. Then I had to read it again to see If I could understand it again.
  11. It is an awesome book, our Software Quality Principles class was given it as the "prescribed text".
  12. I think it holds a world record for being turned down from so many publishing companies. I cant remember the exact number, but I want to say 70.
  13. Maybe we should write our own version...."Zen and the ART of Mustang Resto-Mod-Eration" :shrug:
  14. Or "Nirvana and the art of drifting" :D
  15. Ok... let's see... It is very obvious that the only reason he does these things is because he gets off on you being pissed off. He changed his Avatar because you complained about mine. He talks about whatever will set you off. He is an agitator looking for attention and laughs. The only way it is going to stop is if you stop feeding him with your anger. Ignore him, completely and utterly.
    I'll admit, I'm confused about why he is still here. All I seem to read from him is "Personal Attacks" directed towards you. I thought that was against the "rules." :shrug: Maybe someone can explain that too me. Yes, I realize Hopkinator can't seem to control his fingers when he is pushed, but so far (I've read a few), it has always been Pakrat pushing first. Simply because he knows Hopkinator is easily annoyed.
    So, Hopkinator, I beg of you, please ignore him.

    click "Pakrat"
    in pulldown menu, click "View Public Profile"
    click "Add Pakrat to Your Ignore List"
    click "submit"

    and maybe... just maybe... he'll get over the fact that you took a car he holds in high regard and did things he wouldn't have done to it... had it been his. Either that or continue to make the same old jokes about you until he dies.

  16. Now it's my turn to be insulted! :mad:

    First, to set the record straight, I hate licorice, too! Buuu-uuu-uut, I find Sue not you, Sue my wife (Mrs Susan StangDreamin' - and she likes licorice!) :p

    Still Dreamin'
  17. I still stand by this opinion ;)

  18. OUCH!!! Pak has sworn off retaliation, so I dought he will respond to this, but nice try. I suggest you knock it off.
  19. um... noone told me he swore off retaliation. :shrug: Does that mean his jokes about Hopkinator finally stopped? I wasn't trying to get in an argument with Pakrat, I was trying to get Hopkinator to stop feeding Pakrat's insults. I was giving my viewpoint on the situation between them. If he truly has stopped, I'm glad.

    In my opinion, blind sheep and people who taunt others for laughs are both bad things... I was just kind of tired of reading about bickering "Christians this", "Eleanors that" ,and "French this" between two "adults."

    I feel like some sort of parental unit.... it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Oh well, sorry if it seemed like I was trying to get a response from Pakrat, but it wasn't my intention.
  20. To heck with you! I'm gonna sit by it!:p