Sources Say Coyote is a Go

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  1. Even though the new regulations will pass, the 5.0 and camaro SS are not the major sellers. The V6 versions will be more than 75% of sales, and the V6 Camaro is rated at 29 Mpg while being 3,700 lbs. Hopefully ford will push foreward the ecoboost and maybe break the 30 Mpg barrier.

    The ford fusion hybrid will help the avarage and ford is only going to keep improving. They have no choice, if they don't the company will not survive. With the direction that Ford is moving, it appears that ford will continue as an American car company and not be owned by America.
  2. Not a go for 2010... It says it's a go for '11 or possibly '12.

    And Brian, I read about this months ago as well, but the Ford Exec confirming it is the first time we've gotten more than rumors from Ford. I am very happy that the GT will be coming with a motor potent enough to give the Camaro SS and SRT8 Challenger hell. I think 400hp in the lighter mustang ought to do just that!

  3. I think the days of big cubic inch engines are long gone for Ford. They've been interested in forced induction small displacement engines since as far back as '79 and the obsession only got worse with the Terminator and GT500s. I don't EVER expect to see a Mustang with anything close to 6 liters in it ever again.

    But really, is that all bad? Look at the potential that the Terminators had.
  4. Is this new 5.0L direct-injected?

  5. I don't believe the Cammer is, but i also don't think this new 5.0 is the same engine as the Cammer either.
  6. Admiral Ackbar. Hes Calamarian. They are quite tasty fried up tempura style :nice:

    Yes, we were talking about this in BHR and 2010 and even 4.6 Talk. It will be in the 2011 GT as the standard engine. That was why alot of people said why bother with a 2010 Stang.

    Only thing is all this time I thought it was a 3V :shrug:

    Downside is Ford is doing it again. They are answering the hp question at the same time there will be no competition. With GM and Chrysler going BK, I would imagine their muscle cars will be the first to go.
    Its a shame as the new Z28 with the ZR-1 engine in it would of been a very impressive car methinks.
  7. i heard its going to be carburated
  8. Know what I heard?
  9. Yea Obama passed a law that by 2016 (I think) vehicles must get an average of 39 mpg. It would be awesome if you could get close to that by 2012 with the 5.0 and 400 hp
  10. I wonder what the new engine will do to the price of the more "economical" mustang.
  11. They're calling it "The Coyote", huh???

    If Dodge can stay in business, that's almost begging them to release a new Road Runner (since Plymouth is no more). ;)

    I'd be happy to design it for them!:nice:
  12. How about giving us a 6-speed... Even base model cars from other brands are getting them!
  13. Yes, and a corvette style 0.5:1 6th gear would make 3.73s a really worthwhile option without giving up fuel mileage.

  14. :Word:

    I can't wait to see how this car will perform. At this point I'd still take an underpowered 2010 GT over the Camaro and Challenger. Not just because "it's a Mustang" but because it strikes me as the most fun to drive. I've been reading a lot of good things about the new GT as an all-around performer. 400hp would be a nice bonus. Especially if they can do it without adding much more weight.
  15. Do we know yet if its just a stroked 4.6?
  16. even though the 2010 stangs lack like 100 horsepower over the challenger and camaro they are running similar times. Horsepower isnt everything. That said a 400 up na stang should rape a new camaro
  17. I wonder if Ford will use a modified version of the 5.0 Cammer engine that was in the '00 FR500. It's the same as the Ford Racing crate engine and was rated at 415hp @ 6800rpm, 365lbft @ 4200rpm, with a 7000rpm redline. With 4.10 gearing, a 6-speed manual, and 400lb less weight than the Challenger SRT-8 and Camaro SS, it would be able to compete with both and run high 12's.
  18. I for some reason really doubt Ford is going to put a DOHC 5.0 in a GT starting in 2011. Maybe special editions but for a GT I find it hard to believe they'd jump 85 HP in one year. And it's obviously going to once again, raise the cost of the vehicle.
  19. Its not based of the same modular design as the current models what so ever from what I know about it. So no, I would say this isn't just a stroked 4.6L. My guess is that this one actually has some decent bore spacing to work with, since it wasn't originally designed for a front wheel drive car like the original mod motors were. I see endless posibilities for this engine. :nice:
  20. +1

    I think they are not going to offer this as a regular GT package, but maybe some special edition of some kind like a 2011/12 Bullitt, Mach 1 or Boss, etc...