Spartan Wide Band install


Jul 1, 2013
Hello guys, here is a little write-up on how to connect the Spartan 2 WB to the factory O2 harness using the O2 plug.
I might create a how-to on "how to MicroSquirt your car step-by-step" because I felt a little bit at a loss with all the cool info I could find everywhere on this forum and YT, don't know if the admins would approve of it though
Anyway, first things first:
- I checked the awesome diagram from tmoss posted above, even though my Fox is an 87 and the wires are a different colour
- I checked for continuity on the harness connector using a basic multi-meter to validate that pins 29, 43 and 49 are correctly connected
IMG_20200722_224050.jpg IMG_20200722_224231.jpg
- I then cut the O² connector and verified continuity again to label its wires properly
- Even though I am installing a MicroSquirt, I've followed the Pimp manual for installing the Spartan and labeled the wires accordingly
- The most time-consuming part of this installation is finding a way to route the Spartan wires to the OEM harness: as it happens, I installed the Spartan under the driver side fender since I'm doing a wire-tuck (at least I'm trying)
- Next, the wires from the WB is routed through the K-member
- I ended up routing the Spartan wire through the windshield washer reservoir hole
- As I can't solder properly, I'm using these awesome Posi-lock, which will be replaced by Posi-seal for weathertight connections

Hope these pictures will help anyone who wants to connect a Spartan through an OEM connector but before connecting everything, I need to wire in the fuse that came with it and test the third wire (ignition run, I believe KOEO is sufficient to test for voltage on this wire)
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May 15, 2018
Having installed aem 30-0300 widebands, as well as 30-4110s It was my first time doing one of these spartan 2s. For a pimp (v1.5) setup using another Ron Francis harness I just pulled power, ground, and signal output off the factory style o2 harness, cutting and splicing with marine style butt connectors. Worked well and the sensor seems to work as good as any I’ve used.

The way stinger specifies works good.


Jul 1, 2013
Yes I followed the Pimp manual, only 3 wires in a stock O2 connector.
Brown wire is for narrowband simulation if you're using the stock ECU, blue is for the provided LED, when you want to check the status of your wideband (I haven't hooked it up)
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