speed density and mods question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by indigobluex, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. i recently bought a 86 mustang 5.0 efi 5 speed it has speed density on it it had a off road h pipe and flowmaster exhaust after i get my xmas bonus i was going to order
    70mm tb and egr plate
    edelbrock performer intake upper and lower
    355 gears
    some of the ioring and the vacume lines have been hacked but it runs good i would get a maf conversion but the engine neede re wiring and a bunch of bs first
    if i get all these bolt ons how is the car gonna run will it be to much for the speed density
    if it is too much what can i do so it wont be to much
  2. You will be fine, For good SD info go to www.50tech.com and use the search feature you will find a welth of info over there for sd. Basically the only change to the car you need to be careful with is the cam. Use the crower 15511 or the comp cams nx264hr or the xe270 and youll be fine. You can do heads cams intakes and nitrous and much more to sd...its not a problem
  3. If your buying the Performer (good intake) for looks or because your going to better heads later, then buy it, but you can get the same performance with a ported lower (cheapest alternative - post the link in my signature) or a Cobra/Explorer (second cheapest - especially if used) intake on stock heads. 5.0Tech does have many SD cars - mine's one too.

    Flow wise the stock Performer and Cobra family intakes are on an equal footing. Both can be modded by porting to make over 300RWHP.
  4. how much hp should i expect to gain with headders 70mm tb and a edelbrock performer upper and lower intake