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  1. Short answer no.... many cars, even some super cars can't break the 200 mph mark. Only because they lack the power to over come wind resistance.

    The theoretical top speed is just a reflection of how fast wheels can physically spin at a given tire diameter, engine rpm, transmission ratio, and final drive ratio.

    So even if the GT made 10000000000 hp, but still had its 6000 rpm redline, it would never go faster than 205 mph. Because the driveline can only spin at a set rate given 6000 rpm in 5th gear.

    A lot of old muscle cars only had top speeds of around 120 or so, because they "geared out," since many transmissions didn't have an overdrive gear like your 5th gear (overdrive means less than zero). Most 4 speeds and 3 speeds ended with a 1:1 ratio.

    So eventhough they had the power to go faster, they ran out of gear because you can only go one particular speed at redline.
  2. you mean less than 1:1, dont you? instead of less than zero?
  3. 2 Things:

    1. The only way you are going to get your Rev / Speed Limiters off.... purchase an ECU Reprogrammer. I bought a Predator for my '03 (V6 5-spd) and have had no problems with it.

    2. With the stock reprogram that came w/ my Predator, 2 1/2inch drop,W-rated tires, and just a few little things modded, nothing to bragg about... My car can maintain 220kph.. which equates to about.. 136.7mph, if I remember correctly. I wouldnt suggest doing this for long distances unless, like me, you are out on Autobahns w/ no speed limits.

    BUT, I wouldnt suggest you bringing your "American Muscle" over to Germany.... your manhood will get cut off by a station wagon flying past you doing 160+mph...... BUT, nonetheless, still a blast to drive over here.:nice: